Challenge Description & Prizes

Entrants who successfully down the burger tower, served with a large chips and a flavoured milkshake, within the 20 minute limit, will receive a $50 Brewmasters voucher, as well as a photo on the Burger Wall of Flame.

The ‘challenge burger’ contains a mighty six layers of meat patties and cheese topped with bacon, mesclun, tomato, caramelized onion, house made smoky bourbon BBQ sauce, & mayonnaise (from their website).

The bravest of challengers can also try to challenge the current time record. If you beat the current record, you will also win $100 cash!! Be careful though because if you fail to break the record (7:45 as of 10/8/2017), you completely lose and get nothing, even if you finish within 20 minutes. Also be aware that you may not drink any extra liquids during the challenge, other than the milkshake (your choice of flavor).

Brew Master's Burger Record Challenge

Brew Master's Challenge Burger