Challenge Description ($100)

Time- 35 minutes SOLO / 25 minutes TAG TEAM

16x Asian Fusion Beef Patties

16x American Cheese Slices

16x Bacon Rashers

1x The Burger Block’s Secret Fusion Sauce

1x French Sesame Brioche Bun


1x 20 % off VIP CARD valid for 1 year.

1x $50 GIFT VOUCHER for your Next Visit.

1x Trophy Mug  (As seen in photo below)

PLUS… Your Photo hung up on our Wall of Fame for ALL to WORSHIP and your Victory time and photo will be announced on our Social Media Accounts for all Eternal Fame & Glory!


Entry into the Burger Challenge is open to those 18 years and older. All entry forms, videos and photos from the Burger Challenge will remain the property of The Burger Block Melbourne.

– No spitting
– No dunking
– No sharing
– No dropping
– No outside food

Last bite MUST be swallowed before/on the time limit.
Regurgitating or throwing up will be by default, end in disqualification.
Leaving the table forfeits your challenge.
Plate must have no leftovers.
Standing is Permitted.

SESSION TIMES = Monday – Saturday 9:30 am- 11 am or 2 pm – 3:30 pm

Bookings must be made 24 hours in advance. Sessions Times are STRICT and cannot be altered.

Once date & time has been confirmed, 50% Non-refundable deposit will be taken to secure the booking. Waiver’s must be signed by the participant before partaking in these challenges.

Date changes are permitted however must be made 24 hours in advance before the time of booking.

All Challenges are limited to one challenger only at 1 time, per challenge, per person only.


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