Challenge Description & Prizes

4 pounds of food in 20 minutes get’s your name on the Wall of Fame, a $20 gift card to Liquid Planet, and the food is free. We have taken 2 of our Chupacabra sandwiches (which have ham, turkey, pork, Swiss, tomatoes, french fries, and our Fancy sauce) and used them as buns for a double bacon cheeseburger with American cheese. If you can finish all of that, there’s a full pound of our delicious julienne fries topped with a half pound of our delicious boneless chicken wings, topped with blue cheese. Think that sounds easy. Well there are a couple of rules we forgot to mention. 1. You can only use your hands. If you wanna conquer the Grizzly, you need to eat like one. 2. No bathroom breaks once you’ve started.

3. If you don’t finish in 20 minutes, you will need to pay for the full meal immediately.

Liquid Planet Grizzly Burger Challenge