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This article features the entire schedule for Randy Santel and Mitch Dombrowski’s Southwest USA Winter Tour that they followed throughout their trip so that everyone could follow along and know when, where, and what time all their food challenges were. Results got posted after the challenges took place too. From Tuesday, December 26, 2017 through Sunday, January 14, 2017, Randy Santel and “Magic Mitch” Dombrowski traveled around the southwestern quarter of the United States, spanning from Oklahoma and Texas all the way to southern California. The 7-state tour included Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and California. Now that the trip is over and the videos are being uploaded, the video links will be added as they become available. Check them out if interested, and thank you all for watching our videos and supporting our YouTube and Facebook channels!!

Basic Route of Southwest USA Tour

Randy & Mitch’s Southwest USA Winter Tour Schedule

Tuesday 12/26 – Tulsa, Oklahoma – Fat Guy’s Burger Bar Challenge (Downtown)

Wednesday 12/27 – Arlington, Texas – Sprout’s Super Bowl Pho Challenge

Wednesday 12/27 – Plano, Texas – Fred’s 24″ Liberty Bell Cheesesteak Challenge

Thursday 12/28 – Addison, TX – Fat Jessie’s Undefeated Sandwich Challenge

Friday 12/29 – Houston, Texas – The Cajun Stop’s 32″ Undertaker Sandwich Challenge

Saturday 12/30 – Crosby, Texas – Busta’s Undefeated 4lb Burger Challenge

Saturday 12/30 – San Antonio, TX – Bobby J’s Mighty Godzilla Burger Challenge

Sunday 12/31 – Austin, TX area (Cedar Park) – Maggiore’s Big Azz 28″ Pizza Challenge

Monday 1/1 – Kerrville, Texas – Carmine’s Italian 28″ Solo Pizza Challenge

Tuesday 1/2 – Las Cruces, New Mexico – Farley’s Monster Burger challenge

Wednesday 1/3 – Tucson, Arizona – Trident Grill’s “Navy Seal” Burger Challenge

Wednesday 1/3 – Scottsdale, Arizona – Giligin’s 144 Pizza Rolls Challenge

Thursday 1/4 – Mesa, Arizona – Tom’s Full House Sandwich Challenge

Thursday 1/4 – Chandler, AZ – Porkopolis’ Brady Bacon Burger Challenge

Friday 1/5 – San Diego, California – Luigi’s 30″ Team Pizza Challenge

Saturday 1/6 – San Diego, CA – Deli Sushi’s Monster Sushi Challenge Roll

Saturday 1/6 – San Diego, CA – 5.5 lb Cheesesteak Challenge @ Ciro’s Pizzeria

Sunday 1/7 – Garden Grove, CA – The Smoking Ribs Challenge @ The Smoking Ribs

Monday 1/8 – La Verne, CA –  Mi Ranchito’s “Big One” Burrito Challenge (La Verne)

Monday 1/8 – South Pasadena, CA – Kitchen Sink Sundae Challenge @ Fair Oaks Pharmacy

Tuesday 1/9 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Rockhouse Bar’s 4.5 lb Burrito Challenge

Tuesday 1/9 – Las Vegas, Nevada – CJ’s Italian Ice & Custard Monster Challenge

Wednesday 1/10 – Albuquerque, NM – Massive Sopapilla Platter @ Sadie’s of New Mexico

RESULT: It was a struggle but I was able to get win #579 by finishing everything in 49 min & 40 sec!!

Thursday 1/11 – Denver, Colorado – The Rock Rest Lodge’s 3 lb Jiffy Burger Challenge

RESULT: I got win #580 and set a new record by finishing the entire meal in 12 minutes & 35 seconds!!

Friday 1/12 – Longmont, Colorado – Aunt Alice’s Big Daddy Breakfast Burrito Challenge

RESULT: I got win #581 and set a new record by finishing the entire burrito in 9 minutes & 58 seconds!!

Friday 1/12 – Boulder, Colorado – The West End Tavern’s 50 Wing King Challenge

RESULT: I got win #582 by finishing all fifty delicious wings in just 19 minutes and 49 seconds!!

Saturday 1/13 – Amarillo, Texas – The famous Big Texan 72 oz Steak Challenge

RESULT: I got win #583 by finishing the entire steak dinner in just 19 minutes and 47 seconds!!

Sunday 1/14 – Lawton, Oklahoma – The Fat Boys 28″ GutBuster Pizza Challenge

RESULT: I got win #584 and we set a new record by finishing in 10 minutes and 15 seconds!!

Thank you for checking out Randy & Mitch’s Southwest USA Winter Tour Schedule!!