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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recently, this reporter received friends call Nanchang Shengli Road Pedestrian Street, the newly opened Wanzl department has very cheap "Nike" and "Adidas" and other name brand sports shoes sold, a pair marked "NIKE "logo sneakers as long as 60 yuan, suspected to be fake, reporters immediately launched an investigation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; not only within the Wanzl Department Store "Nike" and "Adidas", "kappa" and many other brand-name & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Nike shoes" sold only a few dozen yuan a pair phone manufacturers actually sell the mall phone December 19 afternoon, the reporter went to Nanchang Victory Road Victory Road Pedestrian Street Wanzl Department Store No. 155, at 1 floor shoe and saw many labeled "Nike", "Adidas", "UMBRO", "KAPPA" and other internati cheap foamposites onal brands of sports shoes and other signs sneakers put together sales. Reporters view a few pairs of "Nike shoes" price tag, found mostly in the price of 60-90 yuan. "Why is this so cheap Nike shoes, as if it really you?" Reporters picked up a pair at random to ask the promoters, "we are NK brand shoes, so the price is very cheap. Do not worry, If you buy back found to have quality problems, as long as no hurt bad soles, our replacement warranty, and if you are a member, we can also give you a discount. "salesman so to answer. Reporters carefully review the product label, only to see the words NK brand, but there are shoes "NIKE", "AIR", and Nike's unique "??" sign. "It does not seem genuine goods, right? Which production?" The reporter asked again, "it can be said that simulation products, these Ni cheap jordans online ke shoes are Fujian Nanping manufacturers." The salesman said. In order to distinguish between true and false, the reporter called the manufacturers to "Nike" sneakers label on the telephone 0591-83207111, who knows this phone turned out to be chain Wanzl Department Store Co. Ltd. in Fujian contact telephone number, not Like the salesman said Fujian Nanping site, nor on the label the subject of Fuzhou Ferrer Industrial Co., and answer the phone's men made it clear that they did not produce Nike shoes here. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; pedestrian street stores sell more question "Nike" store represents helpless & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; reporter also visited the pedestrian street shoes three stores found in the inner part of the same stores sell Nike sneakers with "??" sign, these shoes not only rough, or cheap jordans for sale mens igin chaos, and the price is also uneven. Sales staff repeatedly stressed quality, cheap price, but "whether it is really the Nike brand sports shoes," but avoided answering the question. Subsequently, the reporter went to the victory on the road in the Nike store, sales of sports shoes and found that there are a minimum of 400 yuan, the most expensive will have a thousand dollars, and the origin of most of Vietnam or Indonesia, it is also part of the production in China, Jiangsu a. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Really Nike and Adidas sneakers air cushion is very soft, and very hard to fake, in addition to these brands of shoes car line requirements are quite strict, provides The length of each needle should be average, can not appear jumpers, etc., fake shoes, work requirements would not achieve such stri Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ngent level. "store clerk describes methods to identify genuine and fake Nike. store clerk told reporters, such as Nike, Adidas and other international brands cheaper it is impossible to sell tens of dollars, a maximum number of second-hand play Qizhe for sale, so sell so low the price is certainly fake shoddy products. "They are the sale of counterfeits, it affected our reputation, but this brand fakes too much, we have no alternative. Now is the founder of Walking Street 'in malls and shops with fake', and hope that the relevant departments to pay attention to this situation. " It is understood that in Nanchang, the Nike brand is only two agents, one is" Hung ", another is" East Inchcape "East-is the agent, The provincial Hung two agents, both have brand power of attorney, and these agents are in t Retro jordans for sale he store or at the mall in the form of a special counter sales of products, not like "Wanzl Department Store" as and other sports shoes mix sold, and these stores authorized to sell Nike can find the official website. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; people frankly do not buy such goods target consumers locked in low-income and students & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; so cheap. " Nike shoes' market how what? Reporters in victory on the road were interviewed several pedestrians. Miss Xiong told reporters that this very public brand is definitely not cheap to buy, first, quality can not be guaranteed, the second is wearing feel "loss of face"; and people said she had got the shoes "to see that this is fake that he will not buy. " Reporters interviewed a number of pedestrian and then another, the answer is basically th Cheap air jordan 12 ovo e same. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; people are not recognized for such goods, then the interests of businessmen come from it? Reporters found that the purchase of such commodities crowd has two parts: First, low-income people buy the cheap price of such goods purely diagram; the second is the student population, spending power is not strong, such goods not only cheap, but also the style and more brilliant color, brand name imitation but also to meet some people's vanity. "This shoe is definitely false, but cheap, looks also good, very suitable for students!" Students from Normal University Wang's analysis is confirmed by the reporter. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "imitation Nike" alleged trademark infringement will be severely punished, authorities said Subsequently, the reporter called the Donghu District cheap jordans for sale Industry Authority trademark advertising Branch. Liu Kechang told reporters, some businesses prefer to trade name and address were playing with words is in fact misleading consumers. Although these sneakers have their own brand name, but because of the use of these well-known brand mark, English names, essentially the same violation of these brand trademark and other intellectual property. Learn more about the specific circumstances of reporters after the investigation, Liu Kechang verified that they will be home as soon as possible, if irrefutable facts, will be seriously dealt with the relevant merchant.before rumors will be available in June, now identified a specific release date, will advance to the April 18th debut, the offer price of $$160. release date: April 18thPrice: Nike i Retro jordans for sale s absolutely intentional! At the same time the release of two pairs of shoes! would you choose NIKE, DUNK, HIGH, RED, OCTOBER, or this Kobe 10 EXT Mid? Nike Kobe 10 EXT Mid color: Red / gold / white number: 802366-600 offer price: $225 The promotion of Jordan Brand covers almost all kinds of basketball fields and events. This time we saw Jordan Brand for the high school league for new shoes, the exposure is St. Patrick's high school, Oak Hill and Montrose Christian school three team colors. The choice of the type of shoes now popular Jordan Big Ups, Air Jordan 2011 A-Flight and Jordan 23 Fly three classic shoes, of course, each team's school name and logo of teams are inlaid on the tongue, quite eye-catching. Of course, as the oak of Anthony's alma mater, the mountain high has cheap jordan shoes for men also given a special Jordan Melo M8 as their secret weapon. Download (107.18 KB)Jordan Future Low "Green Pulse" a new color available information 2015-07-22 13:30:31 & nbsp; Jordan Future Low recurrence new color, "Green Pulse". Green pulse as the newest color, the use of eye-catching green cover upper. With eye-catching green camouflage texture wrapped extranet, looming very feeling. Use of black to create the tongue and the boots, in stark contrast. Finally, a white midsole and outsole to give the crystal blue sporty to these shoes. Friends know while carefully before release of "ghost" color, there are similarities between the two colors, the impression is a sister model, wearing a morning, an evening wear, the idea is pretty good. The shoes Item: 718948-302, it is learned, this shoe will be offic Cheap air jordans for sale ially on sale around August. There are like friends can continue to focus on it. NikeLab Cortez '72 SP OG color is now on sale 2015-09-24 14:41:45 Today NikeLab officially released to us this double carrying countless classic NikeLab Cortez's & nbsp; 72 SP, the first year to keep the overall color shoes style, high-quality white leather, selected to adorn red Swoosh, midsole ray blue, carved out of the score boundaries. It became famous through the film, even more so worldwide Sneaker feel its charm. The shoes will be landed in shops selling today, interested friends might concern you. & nbsp; crocs 2014 China published a special section on 2014-02-24 21:03:39 The spring, Sino-Japanese War Horse, how too? Chinese New Year good luck to share with family and friends, and explore the color holiday new tricks! 2014, crocs Weapon for you in January and spring with big Takefu opera mask Peking Opera Blues theme, play full of Chinese style of design inspiration, comfort and innovation liberty fun, learn the quintessence of Peking Opera elements pay tribute to the tradition and the fans of crocs Early spring brings a new feel and enjoy pleasure FUN row, relaxed and comfortable Dress up in early spring! generals demeanor + blue = cool blue color Dieter big Takefu & nbsp; crocs Customised China in particular paragraph Dieter My Kingdom for the China region, so that the shape of Chinese New Year filled with thick Chinese flavor! Shoes with oyster color for the background, with a blue and white blue wristbands, unique material to ensure light and comfortable. Vamp painted in big Takefu substantial Chinese opera mask wind, Xie Fei Jian Mei into the temple quite valiant generals temperament, a strong sense of fit the theme of the season's eye-catching, the classic human element and classic Dieter crocs shoes clever addition and multiplication unlimited creative spirit that the Chinese New Year Art more FUN! handsome Chinese Peking Opera Blues + Red = fashion Dieter Peking Opera Blues crocs latest fashion items in China Peking Opera Blues Dieter special section, the traditional Peking Opera Peking Opera Blues staid image of the beautiful and handsome and lively ingenious combination, whole vamp with pink eye shadow with a full head mask Peking Opera Blues vividly emerald beads opera costume exhibit the characteristics and charm, while China is undoubtedly the month NO.1 red color color protagonist of the popular touch sensitive crocs fans should not miss, open and comfortable fashion Colorful New Year trip from here! Air Jordan 1 Mid Retro "North Carolina Away" first color exposure 2013-12-08 23:38:18 Jordan Brand is always a steady stream of creative color, North Carolina overwhelmed by a new color of & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 Mid Retro turn our thoughts back to Jordan's college years. The & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 Mid Retro "North Carolina Away" color uses a gray suede material with a North Carolina blue leather combination of materials to build the body of the shoe, the overall visual effect is very campus jacket texture. There is no shoe commercial information, you have any comment for this new Air Jordan 1 Mid Retro?

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