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it is said that this is an early exposure of ", "Olympic advertising", "today", "Nike" how to deal with? today, Liu Xiang's unexpected retirement shocked the nest, but also shocked us in front of the television, of course, also severely shocked those betting on Liu Xiang sponsors. Recently, there is a popular vocabulary called "black swan", refers to those unexpected events, great influence, sudden, Liu Xiang out of the race will undoubtedly become the Olympic Games the biggest "black swan". : Liu Xiang. After the game, NetEase made a phone call with me to ask how much Liu Xiang had played back the sponsors I think cheap jordan shoes for men the brand impact of Liu Xiang's withdrawal is 1 billion. 1; behind Liu Xiang, is a huge brand value chain. It is estimated that Liu Xiang has become the largest brand star in 2007, there are 14 brands, including: Amway, Yili, Nike Nutrilite, VISA, Bank of communications, Lenovo, AOKANG , Shanshan, shuangqian, Shengda, Baisha, China Mobile. Among them, there are Olympic sponsors and non Olympic sponsors, although the recent non Olympic sponsors have limited advertising, but their joint effects are enormous. 2, the largest non Olympic sponsor is Nike, which should be, in the face of Adidas as an Olympic sponsor's home cheap jordans for sale mens advantage, Nike urgently needs sports stars to break. This time, Nike has two big cards, one is Liu Xiang, one is Yao Ming. Liu Xiang played a pivotal role in Nike's Olympic strategy. In July 2006, Liu Xiang second days to break the 110 meter hurdles world record, Nike China store clerk put on the promotional T-shirts; Liu Xiang in August 2007 after the Osaka World Championships achievement "Grand Slam" on the same day, Nike has developed the "Xiang" t-shirt. "Our long-term goal is to allow Liu Xiang to deliver a voice on behalf of Nike in 2008," said Pan Jianhua, director of marketing at greater China at Nike". Liu Xiang's retirement has cheap jordans online left Nike with a huge problem. Just arrived at Shanghai's Lebron · James started for Nike's activities in 18 played tricks to smooth the young players to share the charm of sports and basketball, and his foot on the new LeBron 12 Elite is the first reported to us yesterday by law in Paris fashion brand Pigalle teamed up with NikeLab to create cooperation version. Today this again release a group shot of beauties, let us once again feel the history of the United States LeBron boots charm. release date: September 3rd lebron-james-pigalle-nike-lebron-12-elite-1.jpg (364.8 KB, download number: 14) download James Pigalle x NikeLa Cheap air jordan 12 ovo b LeBron Pro 12 Elite 2015-8-18 17:34 upload lebron-james-pigalle-nike-lebron-12-elite.jpg (305.03 KB, download number: 17) download James Pigalle x NikeLab LeBron Pro 12 Elite 2015-8-18 17:34 upload lebron-james-pigalle-nike-lebron-12-elite-2.jpg (287.96 KB, download number: 22) download James Pigalle x NikeLab LeBron Pro 12 Elite 2015-8-18 17:34 upload lebron-james-pigalle-nike-lebron-12-elite-3.jpg (227.59 KB, download number: 25) download James Pigalle x NikeLab LeBron Pro 12 Elite 2015-8-18 17:34 upload lebron-james-pigalle-nike-lebron-12-elite-4.jpg (295.3 KB, download number: 22) 0& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chin Retro jordans for sale ese shoes Network - Brand News] From today, the social network will not only users with friends to expand exchanges and communication platform, because now you can already picture on the part of the social network printed on his shoes up. sporting goods giant Adidas recently on his Instagram page announced that the company is developing a platform to allow users to include Instagram and almost any shoe prints on mobile applications. It is reported that the application is expected to come out in August this year, and will also launch two versions of iOS and Android. Sources pointed out that this application is part of part of the adi cheap foamposites das "mi adidas" personalization program, and will include an open shoes for all Originals ZX Flux including clover. Adidas official spokesman RaEsa Benjamin-Wardle said more details about the contents of this service will be announced later. At present, Adidas has released through this part of the service to create personalized sample shoes on their own websites, including printed trees, burgers and cherry blossom pattern. As of now, this announcement Adidas official Instagram update has harvested more than 42,000 popularity "Like", which may have been described from another angle of this service. "sports shoes has a large number of f Retro jordans for sale anatical fans, if Kanye - West (Kanye West, the United States well-known black singer) to launch its own brand of shoes, then certainly there will be many fans are willing to spend hundreds of dollars buying Therefore, Adidas. the launch of this service to those who are not particularly crazy fans, very attractive, "well-known" Paper "magazine editorial director McKee - Boardman (Mickey Boardman) said. At the same time, I believe in Boardman launch the service, fans almost possible to print a variety of personalized graffiti on sneakers to demonstrate their personality. "If you can customize it, you will certainly be willing to bold a Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ttempt." Bodman added. In fact, such Casetagram these companies had previously introduced to allow users to use Instagram or Facebook Pictures customization iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy device housing services. But I have to say that, in the shoes of the printed image is a personalized thing quite fresh. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Chanticleer designer Tinker Hatfield to build Nike Kobe 11 Kobe Bryant shoes topic uproar, everyone around the legend will be how to create a shoe for the basketball star and make a guess. Has f cheap jordans for sale inally had the latest developments, it is learned, Nike Kobe 11 series shoes will be available for sale at the beginning of January 2016, and also the release of the available information section of shoes, which in addition to the Lakers, Easter color, I believe that careful friend see the "Bruce Lee" figure. Indeed no troops and horses, forage first, what this pair of mysterious shoe boots give fans what kind of surprise, you may wish to wait and see. Offer specific information is as follows: Nike Kobe 11 Date: January 9, 2016 colors: University Red / Metallic Gold-Black Price: $ 200 & nbsp; Nike Kobe 11 "Home" Date: Janu Cheap air jordans for sale ary 2016 30 & nbsp; days Color: White / Black-Court Purple Price: $ 200 & nbsp; Nike Kobe 11 Date: & nbsp; 2016 ?? 2 & nbsp; May 27 & nbsp; days Color: Hyper Grape / White-Black-University Gold-Bright Crimson Price: $ 200 & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike Kobe 11 "Bruce Lee" Date: & nbsp; 2016 ?? 3 & nbsp; May 19 & nbsp; days color: University Gold / Black-University Red Price: $ 200 & nbsp; Nike Kobe 11 "Easter" Date: & nbsp; 2016 ?? 3 & nbsp; May 25 & nbsp; days Color: Dark Grey / Volt-Bright Mango-Court Purple-Black Price: $ 200Gobert Wanty-Groupe team recently announced that it will be in the 2016 season, the team will use the new Litening C:68 CUBE models. 2015 Germany CUBE bicycle and this Belgian professional intercontinental team to work together, after a year of perfect cooperation, the two sides for the year 2016 is full of expectations!Jans Roy as one of the best drivers of the Wanty team for the 2015 season. He not only won the de Bessè ges; Etoile champion, and on the board such as CyclingClassic M, Brussels; Giro nsterland so influential tournament awards. "The rigidity of the frame is the most important thing for a sprint like me. In the Canary Islands training camp. I have tried riding a new CUBE Litening C:68 for a long time. Although I have only carried on climbing and did not sprint training, but I can feel this car is better than before the rigid. When standing up and climbing, it's a very good response. For a sprint, the five pass of the car must be very hard, and this car will undoubtedly meet this point. I can't wait to ride it to the challenge." Jans so evaluation. "" with the Wanty team is one of the best decisions we have ever made, "said Chris Archer CUBE. "Engineers and designers are linked to the team every day, and the driver's feedback can be directly transmitted to the development of our road vehicle products. The team's performance is very good, but also introduced a number of international riders, believe that the new year will be even better!" technical specifications uses an innovative C:68 carbon fiber technology, this technology requires the use of less resin to make the frame carbon fiber content increased to 68%. This not only improves the rigidity of the frame, but also allows the weight to reach the best. In addition to the C:68 highway vehicles, the Wanty team will also use the Aerium TT CUBE car. frame: C:68 CUBE / AeriumCUBELiteningwheel group: FulcrumSuite: Dura AceSHIMANOgroup: Ritchey: Selle San Marcoseatpedal: Lookbearing: ceramic bearingsC-Beartire: Vredestein

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