Challenge Description & Prizes

– Team Size: Two People

– Time Limit: 60 Minutes

– The Pizza: Choose one of the following 30-Inch, 12 pound, “Big Joe” Pizzas, Veggie, Meat-Lovers, or Supreme.

– (Toppings can be omitted or substituted if necessary and within reason. Omitting a topping will result in additional amounts of other toppings to ensure 12 pound weight. There is no escaping “The Big Joe”!)

– Winners get their meal for free, a coveted spot in Frank’s Hall of Fame, a Frank’s Pizzeria T-Shirt, and the ultimate bragging rights!

– (Prize meal consists of “Big Joe” Pizza and soft drinks. Beer or Wine can be consumed during “The Big Joe Challenge”, but for legal reasons must still be purchased regardless of victory.)

– Losers get the shame of paying full price for their meal and their picture on Social Media as another victim of “The Big Joe”.

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Frank's Big Joe Pizza Challenge