– 2.5 kg massive gyoza

– Stuffed with pork mince & veggies

– There is a 1 hour time limit


– Free Meal

– Wall Of Fame

– Note 1: You must order and pay for the gyoza at least 2 days before you want to attempt the challenge.

– Note 2: This place has an absolutely crazy policy regarding filming, and it makes no logical sense. It’s horrendous and every other negative word. They don’t tell you upfront beforehand, but they don’t reimburse people who film themselves taking the challenge. The restaurant’s way of thinking is that since the person could make money on the internet by uploading the video, the restaurant shouldn’t have to give him or her the meal free. Again, it makes no sense, but know this before you get their if you plan to film your challenge attempt.

Kagurazaka Hanten Jumbo Gyoza Challenge