Challenge Details

– Choose 5 different tater tot bowls (10 options to choose from).

– There is a 1 hour time limit to finish all five.

– Each bowl has ~ 1/2 lb of taters tots plus over 1/4 lb of toppings.

– Some options are tougher than others, so choose wisely.

– You can drink anything you want as part of the challenge.

– Challenge weighs around 5 lbs depending on which bowls you choose.

Challenge Prizes

– Free Meal

– Free T-Shirt

– Wall of Fame

– $100 Cash!!

– They also now have a record challenge. As of 9/30/2019, the current record is 7 different bowls in less than 1 hour. If you can beat that and eat 8 of the 10 bowls, then you will win an additional $100 cash!!

Lakehouse Bar's Get Tatered Tots Challenge Plymouth