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    Hey guys! I am conducting a research project for a sociology class focusing on competitive eating. I have posted some questions down below, if you can get back to me with some information that would be extremely helpful. Any bit of information will help, if you also have any additional info that you feel is important other than the following question feel free to share.

    1. How long have you been training in the sport?
    2. What are some impacts to health when competing in the sport?
    3. How do you feel competing impacts your body? What symptoms do you notice after competing and the day after
    4. What are some stereotypes regarding body size and gender within the sport?
    5. Do you notice a stereotype when you tell people you compete in eating competitions?
    6. How has your family responded to your sport?
    7. How do people perceive you as a woman, or other women in the sport?
    8. Are you treated differently from the male competitors?
    9. Do you feel as if competitive eating has sparked popular trends such as mukbangs (YouTube trend where people gorge themselves on camera)

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