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    If you have already completed the challenge once should you do it again? I’m just curious on what the opinion of my fellow food fighters is.

    Pedram E.

    If it was tasty then why not? Go for a new record!

    Randy Santel

    Hey Chris, sorry for the late reply. The question is actually pretty loaded. First, it depends on the restaurant and their specific “house rules.” Some places specifically exclude people from winning more than once. Some places add that people can only win once per year. If the restaurant doesn’t specifically say, you may want to ask the restaurant about whether you are allowed to win again. If they say yes, feel free to do it again. If they say no, then obviously you can’t. A pizza place in Wisconsin had a $500 team pizza challenge. From what I understand, two people tried to win at two different locations. They got caught on the second attempt, and the restaurant ended up stopping the challenge, ruining things for everyone else. So if you want to try a challenge a second time, I’d say ask the restaurant first to avoid pissing people off or upsetting a restaurant owner. If you ask beforehand, nobody can get upset. Feel free to let them know that you would like to try to break your own record. See what the owner says. Maybe they will want to create a video and let you have it free again. You won’t know unless you ask.

    Alex Thomas

    First Challenge I ever did was Fuddrucker’s in Orem, Utah. There you have to eat a basket of fries and a big sundae with the burger. Prize is a t-shirt and picture on the wall. Back then it cost $18 for the meal whether you win or lose. (2001, I think). I won the t-shirt, but their camera wasn’t working. So I asked if I could do it again some time. They told me to come back any time. So a few days later, I went to do it again. They weren’t mad about it, but I remember the lady taking the order screaming very loudly about how I just did it, and how could I possibly want to even look at the food. The whole restaurant was looking at me. It was a bit embarrassing. I think I did that challenge 3 times. Each time, they still gave me a t-shirt.

    When I go to BWWs I always do their challenge. Just because I’m going to order 12 Blazin’ Wings anyways. So for $1 more, I may as well have a glass to take home with me. I always make sure to let them know that I do it all the time. They’ve always been cool about it.

    Michael Whities

    I did the BWW’s challenge and after, I was kidding, I said I’d need to come back tomorrow and do it again.. The manager said I was welcomed to come back anytime I wanted. It’s free here if you can finish under 3 minutes plus a free shirt. Over 3 minutes, you pay and still get a free shirt.

    I’ll need to go back again soon.

    Kenneth Yau

    I did a burger challenge at a local bar that I frequent pretty regularly. There’s no wall of fame or anything, but one of the waitresses still recognizes me as the guy who finished the challenge. I asked her if it was alright that I do the challenge some other time, since I had already completed it once before. She had to speak to the manager and the kitchen staff and said that it was alright, and told me that she even expected to see me do it every time I came by.
    So if you have any doubts, it’s probably better to just ask, since you don’t want to cause any kind of fuss for yourself or the restaurant.

    Michael Whities

    I agree. It could give eaters a bad name if you try to do it over and over. Just ask and find out. They’ll appreciate it and other eaters will too.

    Joe Hinostro

    I never thought about that. I always thought it was a given that you could come back and do it again when ever. Thanks for opening up my eyes guys.

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