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    Michael Whities

    Looks like one of the three locations of Taco Del Mar around my area can do the 5lbs burrito challenge. I called all three and finally the last one stated they did. I talked with Tanya (manager) and she was excited to hear someone ask about it. In talking with her, she’d like for me (whomever) to call ahead before they arrive to do the challenge.

    She stated that they are going to have a burrito eating contest within the next few weeks. So I gave her my contact number and asked her to call me a few days before it’s scheduled. I had asked her if they were only doing this for the holiday, but she said any time and any day. She even stated that I could call when I wanted to do it and she’d personally go back to the store (if away) and make it for me. AWESOME.

    So, it looks like I finally have a burrito challenge locally that I’ve been wanting! 5lbs burrito, 30 minutes, free if within 30 minutes and a $25.00 gift card and if not finished, $20.00 payment. Can’t wait. I would’ve done it today, but my brother from South Dakota is down visiting and wanted to go to his favorite restaurant. haha

    Anyways, be looking for a burrito video from myself soon. Not sure when as I need to train for it and make sure I’m well prepared.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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