• Christopher Hapka posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    Just defeated the Taco Record at One Eyed Jacks in N.Kansas City at 38. Previous record was 36. Not huge tacos, but its the first record I have held!

    • Hey Christopher, thanks for the update!! Sorry this social media thing isn’t working great yet. They guys are still trying to figure it out. There have been some issues. I just called that restaurant because I had never heard of that challenge, but they said they did not offer any kind of taco challenge. Was that an actual challenge or personal challenge? Either way, great job and thank you for joining the site!!

      • Hi Randy –

        Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This has been something of an unofficial challenge that has really ramped up over the past few weeks. I talked to Scott, the owner, a few moments ago and they want to start promoting their taco challenge(record). I know this is your area of expertise.

        I gave him a brief explanation of foodchallenges.com. He would like you to further contact him to get set up for the site.