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I have always had a large appetite which is what led me to being 310 lbs. After I stopped playing sports and had numerous medical issues that someone who is 22 should not have, I decided to make a change. Over the next 5 years I lost 100 lbs but the hunger never went away. I love to show people that life is all about balance – I bust my butt in the gym and bust my gut in the eating challenges! My health issues taught me we are only given one life so we have to make the most of it which is what I do on a daily basis. Follow my journey on social media and let’s have some fun!










4 Star


Derek Hendrickson

Challenge Role

Food Fighter


Challenges Participated In

Sam’s Tavern – Seattle – Capitol Hill – 4 Burgers, Steak Fries, and a Loaded Bloody Mary – 16:22
Crave Real Burgers – BIG BAD WOLF CHALLENGE – 18z burger – 12z Pulled Pork – 9z Ham – 9 strips bacon – >1lb onion strings,
Westend Tavern – WING KING CHALLENGE – OVERALL WINNER – 50 4-6ct wings – 25 Minutes
Buffalo Wild Wings – BLAZING CHALLENGE – 12 Spicy Wings 4 minutes 9 seconds –
Tom & Chee – BAKERS DOZEN CHALLENGE – 12 griled cheese donuts 1 dessert donut 8:58
Fat Shack – Fat shack Sandwich Challenge – 3 – 1.5lb sandwiches with mozzarella sticks, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, chicken strips, philly cheese steak, fries, and your choice of sauce. 27:20
FAT BURGER XXXL CHALLENGE – 1.5 lb burger plus toppings – 3:47 seconds
Dog and Pony Grill – Dog and Pony Show Challenge 2 lbs Fries 24 sliders 8 varieties
$20 Value Menu Challenge Subway
Lucky’s Sandwiches Challenge – Chicago – 3 overstuffed sandwiches –
Dog and Pony Grill Team slider challenge with Magic Mitch – 24 sliders 8 varieties and 2 lbs of fries in 9 minutes
Jiffyburger Challenge Rock Rest Lodge – 3 lb Peanutbutter bacon burger and curly fries- 11 minutes
Barnyard Challenge – GA Boys BBQ – Frederick – 4lbs – 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, 2 pieces texas toast, pulled chicken, pulled pork, brisket, a pound of fries and 6 ghost pepper wings. 22:48
Porkopolis Bradys Burger Challenge – Scottsdale AZ – 15 minutes – 3 half pound burger patties, pulled pork, cheese, cole slaw. A pound of fries and a pint of beans.
FAILED – CHOMPIES – Tempe AZ – Jewish slider challenge – 12 jewish sliders with onion strings 30 min time limit
GQUE BBQ Challenge – Westminster CO – 20 mins 22 seconds – 3 lbs pulled pork, 1 rib, pint of cole slaw, pint of mac and cheese, 2 pieces texas toast.
FAILED BEAU Jos Pizza Challenge 14lb Pizza
FAILED Sarge’s Grill Pancake Challenge
Swanky’s Libations and Vittles – 3 texas toast grilled cheese with 18 slices of cheese total, a full order of mac and cheese and deep fried cheese curds, 8z of tots and 8z of fries. New Record of 8:37 – fourth person to beat the challenge.
Taste of Philly – Apollo Challenge – Beat in 7:50 seconds
Corona’s Mexican Grill – Diablo Taco Salad Challenge – 45 mins
Sundance Steakhouse and Saloon – 80z Ribeye Challenge – First person to beat the challenge with a time of 28:40
Aunt Alice’s Big Daddy Burrito – 96 oz burrito – 28:30
PHO 95 _PHO KING Challenge – 1st winner of 2018 – 200 oz broth, veggies, 2 lbs noodles, 2 lbs beef – finished in 54 minutes.
Rojas Restaurant – Burrito Loco Challenge – 7 plus pounds of burrito, beans and rice smothered in spicy green chile. First winner at the Pueblo West location in a time of 46 minutes . Won a gift card, meal for free, picture on hall of fame
NEW MEXICO – Old tymers cafe pancake challenge – 4.5 lbs of pancakes . Set record time of 17:03 seconds, free meal and free t shirt
Pizza Casbah Triple Threat Challenge – 3 – 5 topping slices of pizza stack together and covered in their dough and deep fried. New record holder at 10:57
Pizza Cashbah – 30inch beast pizza – 30 inch 10lb 5 topping pizza – team challenge with Stephanie Wu completed in 28 mins
NEVADA – Las Vegas – Rockhouse Bar 5lb Burrito with Steak and Fries and spicy sauce – completed in 20 minutes with a 20 minute time line
NEVADA – Las Vegas – CJs Italian ice and custard – monster challenge – 32z italian ice , banana split, brownie sundae, 30 minute time line completed in 20 minutes
WISCONSIN – Petes Garage Oshkosh Wisconsin – burger challenge, 5 burgers, prime rib, bacon, mushrooms, onions and 2 lbs of fries – NEW RECORD – 18 mins
WISCONSIN – Willie Beamon’s – Mad Cow Burger – 2.5 lb burger, huge bun, fries. 25 minutes


Contests Participated In

Wing King Champion 7/25 – fastest time of night 25:07