• Jon Drushel wrote on Joe Hinostro’s Wall 2 years, 3 months ago

    @vines Hey, sorry for the huge delay. Sometimes it doesn’t notify me if I have a message.
    I would love to do a challenge with you, I have a strongman even coming up next Saturday and I’m going to do the Cary Ruckus Pizza (already done Raleigh and Morriseville). After that I need to drop some of the weight I’ve gained training for strongman. But I also wouldn’t mind taking on the Backyard Bistro Challenge again to see if I can get it faster.

    • I’ll do the challenge with you. Just give the time and I’ll be there. It’ll be my first time doing the Ruckus Pizza Challenge.

    • Sounds great. The meet is expected to end at 4, so what do you say 6:00?

      I know it’s a little late and I hate doing late challenges because I get hungry, but gives me time to shower and get out there, I live in the Clayton area.

    • Hey I didn’t tell you which Cary Ruckus. The one on Tryon woods. I’ll be a little late but I’ll get there.