Jon Drushel

Big Ed's 3Ib pancake challenge in 16 minutes. - Big Ed's City Market, Raleigh, NC

Backyard Binge try 2; finished food in 38 minutes, took me a while to do the tea. - Backyard Bistro, Raligh, NC

Raleigh Krispy Kreme Challenge ( done in 50:47

Joe's Oasis Pierogi challenge; took on the 5 Ib team challenge by myself, finished in 31 minutes.

Highway 55 Burger in around 11 minutes.

Bella Pizzeria Team challenge with DarronEats (youtube channel) 28" Pizza in 11 minutes 12 seconds.

Jake's Wayback Burger Triple Triple in 3:19

Ruckus Pizza 24" pizza in 33:30

Big Billy's Burger Joint "Belt Buster" 13:48

Big Easy's not so easy challenge 18:47