Jon Young

1. Beth's 12 Egg Omelette (Seattle, WA)
2. The Wingdome's 7 Deadly Wing Challenge (Seattle, WA)
3. Red Onion Burgers' Intimidator Challenge (Mountlake Terrace, WA)
4. Wing Central on the Ave Big Dawg Challenge (Seattle, WA) [Failed]
5. Pinky's Kitchen BBQ Platter Challenge (Seattle, WA)
6. Jersey's "The Farm" Burger Challenge (Shoreline, WA)
7. Lucky 7 Goliath Burger (Kirkland, WA)
8. The Loose Wheel's Burger Challenge (Tacoma, WA) [Failed]
9. Flyers’ “Old 666” Burger Challenge [Oak Harber, WA) [Failed]