Jonathan Clarke


My name is Jonathan Clarke and I started doing food challenges in October 2013. You can check out my conquests via my channel the goal of which is to demonstrate it is possible to have fun with your diet while still remaining physically fit. So far I have tackled all manner of challenges from giant burgers, to ridiculous breakfasts, to super hot wings. I'm up for anything and everything! My greatest accomplishment thus far is being the first and only person to defeat the 7lb Harp Attack Challenge in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - for which I won a trip to Vegas! My food fighting career is just getting started, who knows where I'll go next!

Where I Live:

Current City: Orillia, ON
Country: CAN

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Birth Date: March 31
Birth Year: 1991
Gender: Male
Rating: 4 Star

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Name: Jonathan Clarke

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