Jamie Miller

Doughheads Donut Eating Contest (Runner-up $100 voucher)
Mount Midoriyparma chicken parmigiana Eating Contest, Iron Horse Inn (Winner $200)
Jimmy’s Park Opening Hot Dog Eating Contest (Winner)
San Antone Fourth of July Bbq Battle (Professional Division)
Chomp at Stomp, Burger Eating Contest Pro Division (3rd place)
Restaurant 616 Nutella Eating Contest (Winner)
PS101 Burg Eating Challenge, Newy Burger Co. (Winner)
Restaurant 616 Schnitzel Eating Contest (2nd)
Singleton Sunday Markets Pizza Eating Contest 2017 (Winner)
Restaurant 616 Meat Pie Eating Contest (2nd)
Lone Star Rib House Tuggerah Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest 2013,2014 (2nd)
Soda Factory Hot Dog Eating Contest 2015 (2nd)
Restaurant 616 Hot Dog Eating Contest (winner)2016
TvTokyo's Battle of the World's Biggest Eaters (Australian Representative)
Restaurant 616 Buffalo Wings Contest (Winner) 2016
Bay of India, Warners Bay, Cheese Naan Bread Eating Contest 2014
National BurgerDay 2kg Burger Eat-Off, Eightbulls Burgers 2017