Joshua Hockett


SoCal food challenge fan and competitor. Never did much of any challenges other then just a few in Mid Missouri during 2011. I moved to CA in spring 2013. 4 friends bet me I could not win the broken yolk challenge on April 1, 2013. I accepted the bet and won the challenge on the spot. Eager for a chance to win their money back all 4 friends bet me $100 each I could not win a few more formal local food challenges. I accepted the challenge and as long as the challenge was within 45 miles of where I live and allowed at least 30 minutes minimum time and did not exceed 8lbs of food I would do any challenge they found (accept spicy themed). 11 months later I had one 21 different challenges (23 total but 2 were done twice). I lost 1 challenge but 4 months later came back to defeat it thus beating every challenge I took on. I have not however done a challenge since March 4th 2014.

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Current City: San Diego, CA
Country: USA

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Birth Date: September 5
Birth Year: 1984
Gender: Male
Rating: 4 Star

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Name: Joshua Hockett

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