Dinner is Served Randy Santel

As most of you know, I was originally scheduled to be doing food challenges in Tennessee right now, as part of my Spring 2020 Tour. That tour has been postponed and my Further U team is working on rescheduling all the events to later dates. I will keep you all updated regarding when the tour will start, which will be well after restaurants are allowed to safely open up their dining rooms again to the public. Many of you have commented on posts or messaged me, asking what I will be doing in the meantime. A huge majority of the comments have recommended that I extend my Sexification 2020 that ended last Sunday, April 5, 2020, so I can lose even more weight than I already have. A big reason for this article is to explain why that isn’t happening, while also telling about the new video series that my team will be publishing on our channels in the meantime until I can film new restaurant food challenge videos again.

Tomorrow’s “Friday video” will reveal the final results of my 12-week diet “Sexification” that I’ve been on since January. Not to give it away, but the weight loss number is over 73 lbs (33 kg). Starting out at 373.9 lbs (170 kg), that means I lost over 19.5% of my original body weight in 12 weeks. Just as gaining lots of weight quickly is not recommended, neither is losing a lot of weight fast. I always laugh when people say I need to get back to how I was during my “Spartacus body days,” because the funny thing is that my body has never felt worse than it did during my final 2 weeks of that competition period. I got a blood and urinalysis test last Friday (April 3rd), and already have the results back. Those numbers and results will be revealed in a video published next week. Let’s just say that I don’t need to retire from food challenges anytime soon. With that said though, too much of a good thing can become bad, so it would not be in my best interest to continue dropping weight that rapidly. I will start my 1,200-hour Dietetic Internship in August of next year (2021), and it’ll only be during that time that I focus on getting down to the 250 lbs mark that I’ll maintain as a future social media Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I do intend to lose more weight while quarantined, but it’ll happen while filming food videos and at a slower rate.

I’ve always enjoyed using my social media to help small businesses and “mom and pop” restaurants / diners who offer food challenges. Doing food challenges at restaurants is not possible, but thankfully because of social media, there are still many ways to help the small restaurants around me in Springfield, Missouri where I live who are struggling during this time. I started a Patreon page many years ago, because friends and subscribers were messaging me with interest in helping Magic Mitch and I with our travel expenses incurred while filming more videos around the world. From 2010 when I started to midway through 2017, the “business” was operating at a loss each year, but then things got better in 2018 when my Facebook page became monetized. My (now bigger) team thankfully still has lots of amazing people supporting our efforts via Patreon, which is much appreciated and the help still all 100% goes toward travel expenses. I haven’t done any traveling this year yet and it will still be a month or two before I can, so I’ll be using the help and more to invest in local Springfield, Missouri area restaurants and small businesses until my van Pegasus and I can get back out on tour again.

While dining rooms remain closed, there are still many restaurants and food vendors open for take-out and delivery orders. I’ll be using menus from these restaurants to create “challenges” that Arthur and I will film at my apartment. We will maximize variety and focus each “challenge” video on a different type of cuisine. One video may focus on Greek food, and then the next may involve Vietnamese food. I’ll do a Chinese food challenge, and then an Italian food video, followed by Indian food (maybe even one on Northern Indian foods and another on Southern Indian foods). I still need to research all the local restaurants and consider all the options. Some restaurants are advertising large family meals, and where possible I will do videos using those. The options are all but endless, and this series of videos will be called Dinner Is Served because I love that phrase and dinner will literally be served by all the restaurants we promote. I’ll buy 100% of the meals and tip accordingly to help the hard-working staff members who are struggling too since tips are down without dining services available.

Since we are back down to just 3 videos per week, we will try to Facebook and/or YouTube live-stream some of the ones we film on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends. I’ll keep everyone updated on those too. Thank you all for your time reading this and continued support!! We start filming the videos next week, and don’t really have the format finalized yet, so we are open to any and all suggestions that you may have to make the videos more engaging. We will abide by all “quarantine recommendations” so that Arthur, myself, and the restaurant staff all stay safe, 100-1000 times safer than shopping among hundreds of people in grocery stores. Please comment below or on any of my related social media posts, or message my Facebook page with any feedback. If you live around the Springfield area, please let me know if you have any suggestions on restaurants to promote. I’ve lived here since 2016 but am always on a diet and haven’t had a vehicle either until just recently, so I really haven’t been to that many of the restaurants we have here. Thanks again to everyone supporting us on Patreon!! During the upcoming weeks, dinner is served, and I hope you all enjoy the videos!! I’m very very excited to film them!!