Now Hiring Big Thinking Food Loving Social Media Entrepreneur is searching for a big-thinking, food and travel loving social media entrepreneur to help build us into the global restaurant promotions empire we have the potential to become. Do you love food challenges, traveling, and want to be your own boss, while making an impact? This is the only time where it’s better to be thinking “bigger than your stomach!” Mitch Dombrowski and I partnered in 2014 and I developed this website while Mitch handled all the video production for both and our “Randy Santel” YouTube channel that we share. I spent many months building our challenge database and writing all the articles, working tirelessly until both the database and list of articles I had in mind were complete. I’ve since shifted gears to focusing on my entrepreneurial nutrition-related goals along with the YouTube channel, and unfortunately I can only dedicate enough time to just maintain the site, rather than grow it. Our social media accounts lay dormant, and I know we as a team can become much BIGGER than we are now.

This role would be best-fitted for someone who loves both video production and photography. You’ve surely seen all the viral videos going around that feature food challenges and other big meals, getting millions of views and thousands of likes. can become a leading provider of those videos and photos, marketing food challenges and the many restaurants that still offer them. By getting a food challenge “buzz” going again, we will inspire more restaurants to offer them and more “eaters” to attempt them, expanding our community.

You will control our existing YouTube channel along with our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, working with me to help keep our food challenge database updated. We will be restaurant-focused and that mindset will eventually create more opportunities for the eaters of our community. It seems that restaurant owners have lost faith in the power that food challenges can have as a marketing tool. They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Together we will make restaurants “thirsty” again, while providing quality entertainment and mouth-watering photos and videos to social media users all around the world.

We will always provide family-friendly content, and really that is one of the few major stipulations. This will not be a half-hearted effort, and we will only move forward with someone eager to dive “all-in” and put in the time and effort it will take to get the “snowball” rolling. You will basically be running your own company, under the, LLC name and umbrella. If you are the person we are looking for, you already know and can envision the financial opportunities that can open up once your following grows large enough. I will of course help you get everything jump-started via my growing Facebook page and other personal social media accounts.

A person living in the USA is preferred, but that is not an absolute must. This opportunity may even be fit for a team of two people! To start, Mitch and I will give you access to our files so you can put together some content if you’re interested. Then you can take things from there and develop your own restaurant/client base. Contact me via email at and let me know your ideas, as well as your previous experiences. Then we will go from there! Thanks for using and taking time to read this!! #FeedTheMovement