• cjgh_mrwsaagc0c

    Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest: Japanese Invasion

    As the time ticked down on the 42nd Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest on a sunny fourth of July, and Matt Stonie, the young superstar, gulped down his 62nd hot Read More »

  • Randy Santel's 2016 European Tour

    Randy Santel’s 2016 European Tour Schedule

    This article features the entire schedule for Randy Santel’s 2016 European Tour which he will continually update throughout the trip so that everyone can follow along and know when, where, Read More »

  • magic

    Introducing……Magic Mitch!

    The food challenge world is chock full of fantastic eaters and great personalities, from all corners of the globe. In this article I bring to you someone whose work ethic Read More »

  • Hollywood_Sign_(Zuschnitt)

    5 Eating Contests from Hollywood Movies

    Hollywood: a place where stars are born and dreams come true. It has been the cornerstone of film-making for over a century. Now, like many of you out there, I Read More »


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