There are a few major chain restaurants both in the United States and in Europe with food challenges that have so many locations that it would be way too hard for to keep track of, and some locations host the food challenge while other locations do not. If any of these restaurants have locations near you, please contact the specific restaurant to find out whether or not they host the particular challenge:

The Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Wing Challenge

There are hundreds of Buffalo Wild Wings locations throughout the United States, and most of them host The Blazin’ Wing Challenge which requires customers to eat 12 wings covered in their spiciest Blazin’ Sauce in less than 6 minutes without drinking anything. Customers must pay for the wings whether they win or lose, but winners usually receive their photo on the location’s Wall Of Flame along with a free shirt or headband.

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The Wings Etc “Wall Of Flame” Wing Challenge

Wings Etc has locations throughout Indiana along with restaurants in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and North Carolina. The challenge is to eat 16 “Wall-Sauced” jumbo wings with no beverage or other food item. If you finish all 16 wings, you still must pay for them, but you get a Polaroid photo up on the Wall Of Flame.

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The Quaker Steak & Lube Triple Atomic Wing Challenge

There are many locations throughout the eatern half of the United States, and most of them host The Triple Atomic Wing Challenge. Customers must eat 6 wings covered in their Triple Atomic Sauce without drinking any liquids during the challenge. Winners must still pay for the wings but they get their name and picture up on the Wall Of Fame along with a free shirt. Some locations award a free Quaker bumper sticker too.

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Tom + Chee’s Baker’s Dozen Challenge

There are many Tom + Chee locations all around the eastern half of the United States. There challenge is to finish 13 of their delicious grilled cheese donuts in less than 10 minutes. Winners get the $50 meal FREE!!

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Tom and Chee Grilled Cheese Donut Challenge

Max and Erma’s 4lb Landfill Burger Challenge

There are many Max & Erma’s locations throughout 9 different states of the USA, and some of them offer some kind of challenge involving their 4lb Landfill Burger. The Landfill Burger consists of three 10 ounce hamburgers layered with pepper jack, Swiss, and cheddar cheeses, topped with Erma’s Chili, jalapenos, ham, pulled pork, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Each location that offers the challenge seems to have their own set of “house rules” so check with your nearest location to find out whether they offer the challenge and what the rules are. Some locations award the meal free, and some just give you a free shirt, and then other locations do both. Some locations just have it as a menu item, & others don’t have it at all.

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landfill burger challenge

FatBurger’s XXXL Burger Challenge

There are FatBurger locations all over the world, and many locations offer the XXXL Burger Challenge. If you can successfully finish one of FatBurger’s XXXL burgers, you will win a Certificate Of Completion along with a spot on the location’s Wall Of Fame. There is 24 ounces of beef and around 2,000 calories with each burger.

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Victory Pub & Kitchen @ Village Urban Resorts Hotels (UK)

There are Victory Pub locations all over the United Kingdom with a variety of different challenges with different rules and prizes. Contact the Victory Pub location nearest you to find out what food challenges are currently being offered. To find the Village Urban Resorts Hotel & Victory Pub location by you, click here.

The Flaming Grill Food Challenges (UK)

There are over 100 Flaming Grill Pubs locations throughout England, Scotland, and Wales of the United Kingdom, and each location has 3 Flaming Challenges. If you finish any of the following 3 meals, then you will receive your name and photo up on the restaurant’s Hall Of Flame. (The meals are not free or discounted.)

– There is a 1kg Flaming Challenge Burger where customers must eat two flame-grilled 12 oz beef burgers, two breaded chicken fillets, spicy chilli beef, melted cheddar cheese, onions, crispy bacon, onion rings, & chips.

flaming burger challenge

– There is a Flaming 32oz Steak Challenge where customers must eat a 35 day aged flame-grilled 32 oz rump steak along with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, onion rings, and a giant double portion of chips.

flaming steak challenge

– There is also a Flaming Trash Can Challenge where customers are required to finish a giant rack of ribs, double up cheese & bacon burger, beef chilli sundae, chicken skewer, onion rings, corn on the cob, smokey BBQ baked beans, peas, and a triple portion of chips. It’s actually served on a trash can lid!!

flaming trash can challenge

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Hungry Horse Pub Food Challenges (UK)

There are over 220 Hungry Horse family pubs around the UK, and some of them host different food challenges and some do not. Please contact your local Hungry Horse family pubs to find out whether each particular location currently hosts a food challenge. To search for a Hungry Horse family pub near you, click here.