How I Train for Food Challenges After a Long Break!!

The purpose of this article is to update everyone on how I train and prepare now in 2020 for food challenges after taking a long break to diet and lose weight. As most of you know, I took the first three months of this year off from attempting food challenges to diet and lose some of the weight I gained during my very busy 2019 eating challenge tours. Along the way, many people reached out and asked me what I do after taking long breaks from eating big meals to get my stomach capacity increased back up so that my body is ready to attempt big food challenges again. Back in 2016, “Magic Mitch” Dombrowski and I put together a competition training tutorial video that explained what I did back then to train and get ready during the 24 hours before a giant food challenge or eating contest. If you haven’t watched it before, be sure to check this video out first:

Back then I trained by eating A LOT of healthy fruits and vegetables, which I mentioned in some of the original articles written back when this website was established. Nowadays, I have a little more fun and my method is simpler, letting “sandwich artists” do the food prep for me instead. We just published a video about my updated 2-day training methods that I use to get back in “eating shape.” On day #1, I go to Subway and order 4 footlong sandwiches, each loaded with healthy vegetables and either buffalo sauce or yellow mustard. I bring them home to my kitchen and try to eat them as fast as possible, while also trying to drink 1 gallon of water as well. Then on day #2, I do the exact same thing, but try to beat day #1’s time by a significant margin. I’ve always followed the Expanding Your Stomach Using Food AND Water method of capacity training, again documented in this video:

Both videos have subtitles added, so be sure to use those if needed while watching!! Hopefully the two videos have been informational for you, and please remember that they both focus on what I do to prepare myself, based on my capabilities and preferences. You are welcome to try using a similar method, but please be safe and modify your training if needed to account for your current physical capabilities. An important thing to note is that earlier in my career, I trained for a lot of my food challenge weeks and weekends individually, since I didn’t always go on the long tours that I go on now. These days, I rarely ever do food challenges just a few at a time. After taking a long break, I use the 2-day preparation process, and then I’m ready to start trying food challenges again. I don’t need to train again because I am doing new food challenges almost everyday during my trips, and each challenge keeps my body ready for the next day’s event. During my tours, the focus is more on digestion and recovery, so I can be “empty” and ready for each “next” event along my tour route. If you have a specific question not answered in either video or any of the original Stomach Capacity Training articles, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help you!! Always be sure to win before you begin!! Train, Strategize, and Dominate!!