Food challenges are over one hundred times more fun when you have people watching and cheering you on to victory. I have done over 75 challenges basically sitting at a table by myself with my camcorder sitting on a tripod, and I can tell you with full confidence that they were not nearly as fun as the challenges I have done with many people watching and cheering. My favorite challenges to do are partner pizza challenges because then it is me along with somebody else working as a team to complete a challenge. Victories are always sweeter when other people are there to share the moment with you. It also can be very motivational to know that people are there watching you and wanting you to win. If you know you will have friends and family there when you take the challenge, you will be more motivated to train and prepare beforehand. Eating challenges are meant to be fun, and it is a lot easier to have fun with other people than it is when you are just sitting there by yourself.

For me it is a little different because I need help from people to operate my video equipment and cameras, but one thing I do really like having somebody there for is to get things if I need them. A server may not always be around to help you, and there may be times when you are running out of time, and running out of whichever beverage you are drinking. Golfers have caddies and football players have equipment managers, and you may need somebody to make sure you get a drink refill or napkins. This may not sound like a big deal, but know that not all restaurants actually care about their challenge, and many servers don’t really care about their job or the people they are waiting on. If you are really full and trying to force down cold french fries during the last few minutes of the challenge, you will want somebody there to make sure your drink is fresh and you are taken care of. Best of all, that person will be there to help celebrate your victory with you. That will be much more fun!!

Here is an example of a challenge when there are people there…

Here is an example of a challenge when you are by yourself…

The big hot dog challenge was one of the most fun challenges that I have ever done. All of those people in the restaurant that day were there to watch me beat the challenge, and it was such a great time taking pictures and celebrating the win afterwards. That burger challenge is actually the most delicious challenge that I have ever done. I don’t remember exactly what was so special about it, but I remember wanting to order a second one. The reason I don’t remember much about it is because the only people watching me were the owner and the one waitress that was there. The challenge was delicious, but it definitely wasn’t anything that can be considered fun. If possible, get friends and family to come and watch you. Just make sure to Confirm The Details With The Restaurant so they can have the challenge available and be ready for your group to arrive and be seated together. If you can, find a friend to do the challenge with you, which will make the experience even more fun and memorable. There may be times, especially if you are traveling, that you may just have to do the challenge by yourself. If you can though, get a group to come watch. The event will be a lot more fun and memorable!!

Thanks for reading why you should bring friends and family for moral support & using!!

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