American author H. Stanely Judd once stated, “A good plan is like a road map, showing the final destination and usually the best way to get there.” You definitely cannot just wake up one day and decide you want to attempt a food challenge. If you do, there is a very high chance that you will fail the challenge. It takes a lot of hard work, intense training, and careful planning to win food challenges, and your first few major victories definitely will not come easily. Most people do not realize how much science and planning is involved, but if you carry out your plans properly, you will make winning the food challenge look a lot easier than it really was. There are two main parts to planning for a challenge. You must plan your strategy and how you will train, both equally important.

How will you train? – To win a food challenge, you must have the total stomach capacity required to fit the entire food challenge meal inside your body. If your stomach does not have the capability of expanding far enough, your strategy and other techniques will not matter, and you are going to fail the challenge. Therefore, you need to put together a rough training schedule that you will follow the week before your big challenge so that you can make sure your stomach is ready. For more information to help you put this plan together, check out all of our Stomach Capacity Training articles. The most important articles to actually help you plan your stomach training schedule are How To Expand Your Stomach Using Food, How To Expand Your Stomach Using Water, and then Expanding Your Stomach Using Food and Water. Also read The 24 Hours Before Your Eating Competition.

What will your strategy be? – Using the introductory quote, training for your challenge is what will allow you to be able to get to your destination, but the eating strategy you plan will actually be the directions you take to get there. As long as you have the proper stomach capacity, there is more than 1 path you can take, and you just have to choose the path that works best for you and your body. To help you establish your base strategy, make sure to check out the During The Challenge articles under this TIPS category, and also check out the article under the Strategies Per Challenge Type section that pertains to the type of challenge you will be attempting. These articles will teach you what to do during your entire food challenge, every single step of the way.

The main reason that you need to plan out your entire challenge is because you will be much more confident while eating because you already know exactly what you are doing during every step of the process. Because you know what you are doing, you are able to adapt to different changes and circumstances that may arise too. The challenge you planned for based off pictures and descriptions may not be exactly what was placed in front of you, but because you have a solid base of superior knowledge, you will be able to quickly adapt and conquer. Knowledge is power and confidence is king, so learn the knowledge you need to gain the level of confidence that you also need to win your giant food challenge. Many people that lose food challenges had the proper stomach capacity level to beat the challenge, but they had no plan or strategy, and therefore they failed. You cannot just pick up a 2kg burger and start eating it. There are certain ways that you need to break it down so that you can fit the entire challenge inside your body within the time limit. By planning the eating strategy that you will use beforehand which you know will work best, you will be able to confidently dominate your eating challenge.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else. That is a quote that describes where you will end up if you don’t plan an accurate training schedule and eating strategy. If you don’t do any type of significant training or preparations, how will you know that you will be able to fit the entire challenge meal inside you? Hoping and knowing are two entirely different thought processes. You cannot confidently hope that you will win, but you can confidently KNOW that you will win. I enjoy watching friends and other people attempt food challenges when I have the opportunity. Through watching other people and reading their body language, I have learned that you can easily tell whether the person is confident or not really sure of the outcome. You can definitely tell the difference based on how they act because a confident person is much more decisive and looks like he or she already had the entire challenge planned out because they go from eating one item to another item without much thought. The person without a plan is constantly looking around while wondering what to do next. Don’t be that person!! Put together a solid strategy so that you know the order that you will eat each particular component of the challenge, and then do it!! Like the title of this article says, failing to plan is simply planning to fail, and you will fail if you don’t put forth a little extra effort before beginning.

Thanks for reading why failing to plan is simply planning to fail and using!!

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