Setting the date and time of your food challenge is the first thing to do after deciding upon a challenge, because that information helps plan out your training regimen that you will follow so that you are prepared to win that challenge. If using the stomach capacity training schedules in How To Expand Your Stomach Using Food, How To Expand Your Stomach Using Water, or Expanding Your Stomach Using Food AND Water, you can’t plan out training days one through six if you don’t know when day seven is. You also can’t plan The 24 Hours Before Your Eating Competition if you don’t know what time the challenge is at. You need to carefully Select The Food Challenge Right For You, but setting the date and time is what really kicks off your training and strategy preparations beforehand. Here is a short list of tips to help you plan the time and date of your challenge:

Is it only allowed on certain days? – Some restaurants have restrictions on which days they allow customers to attempt their challenge. There are 2 reasons that this may occur. Some restaurants host a food challenge just once per week when they have a particular special going on at the restaurant. For example, a restaurant may have a taco record challenge on Taco Tuesdays or they may have a wing challenge on nights that chicken wings are on special. The other reason is that some food challenges take more time, space, and people to actually prepare and host the challenge. Restaurants can’t make regular customers wait on their food while preparing your food challenge, so busier restaurants may not allow challenge attempts on most weekends, which is understandable. If that is your only time open, you should contact the restaurant to see if you both can work something out. The restaurant isn’t busy every single hour of the entire weekend and may make an exception.

Is it only available during certain hours of the day? – For the same reasons explained above, many restaurants make the decision to not host food challenges during peak hours of the day. Peak hours typically include the prime hours of the day when most people go to lunch and also when they go to dinner. Some restaurants don’t have the space or staff to host challenges during busy times of the day, so they choose to avoid serving them.

Do you want a crowd or not? – If you pick a time during peak breakfast, lunch, or dinner hours, know that there is a possibility that the restaurant will be full of people. Since you are taking the challenge, many people will probably be watching and taking pictures. If you are the kind of person that does not like attention or people watching you, you need to schedule your challenge during times of the day when not too many people will be there. If you like being the center of attention, schedule it when you think people will be able to be there.

Are you wanting friends to come watch? – It can be very motivational if you Bring Friends And Family For Support, but you need to schedule things around them too if you want them to come, which can be hard.

Is your challenge celebrating a special event? – Some people decide to do a challenge on their birthday, or some people decide they want to do a challenge during a particular special event. If this applies to you, you already know the date, so you just need to pick a time that works for everyone coming to watch the food challenge.

Is the challenge at a diner? – Make sure to check the operating hours if the challenge is at a diner or cafe. Many diners close at 2pm or 3pm in the afternoon, depending on the restaurant, so you need to plan around that.

The best time to schedule a food challenge is anytime in the afternoon because it allows your body to wake up and it also allows you to have 1 last small liquid stomach stretch in the morning after your protein shake or other non-solid breakfast of choice. You may not want to schedule it too late in the day though since you won’t be eating any solid foods. You want to be hungry but not too hungry. If the event is going to be later in the evening after dinner, that is not a big deal at all. You just have to adjust your schedule for the day. To find out more information about what to do on competition day, which will also help you plan what time you want to take your challenge, read The 24 Hours Before Your Eating Competition. If your challenge is going to be really early in the morning, please read Preparing For An Early Morning Challenge. To find out if there are specific times or days that the challenge is available, check out the restaurant’s website, if the restrictions are not already listed on the challenge’s page. If there are no restrictions listed, it is most likely available any time during regular business hours, as long as you call ahead in advance. Once you have a good idea as to what day and time you want to take the challenge, you are ready to call ahead and Confirm The Details With The Restaurant.

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