Challenge Description and Prizes

– This food challenge is a collaboration of two restaurants, 1949 Burger Bar and Loaf’N Dog, which are both under the same ownership. They are both within walking distance of each other.

– Made by 1949 Burger Bar, there is a 4-patty “Atlas” Burger layered with cheese, bacon, jalapenos, and other healthy vegetables. There is also a side of hand-cut fries.

– From Loaf’N Dog, there is a footlong Nakia Dog which is one of their specialty items, served alongside some chili cheese fries and a giant 32oz milkshake (chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry).

– There is a 25 minute time limit to finish everything, and this is available at Loaf’N Dog’s location.

– The challenge costs $35 to attempt. Winners get the meal free, a sweet t-shirt, and Wall of Fame.

All American Burger Challenge Cleburne Texas