– Each 1 dozen oysters is served on an individual tray (they vary in size).

– You must eat 15 dozen in less than 1 hour to win the challenge.

– You may attempt to break the house quantity record by 1 full dozen.

– You can eat them with a fork or use your hands and “slurp” them.

– Escorted restroom breaks are allowed, per the official rules.

– You should call ahead to make sure they have enough oysters.


– Free Hat and T-Shirt inside a special mesh gift bag.

– Name on location’s plaque or Wall Of Fame.

– You get 1/2 off all 15 dozen oysters (see below about required tip).

– If you break the location’s record, all of your oysters are free!! (some additional rules apply).

– NOTE: Regardless whether you win or lose, there is an 18% required tip for the shuckers.

– NOTE 2: If you want to film yourself, you must contact their management team for permission.