Challenge Details and Prizes

– MacCheesy opened about 4 years ago in Joplin, Missouri and will soon start expanding.

– The main feature of this challenge is a 12-inch diameter skillet filled with mac and cheese.

– The most popular deluxe flavor at MacCheesy is their Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch option.

– The entire skillet of deluxe macaroni and cheese weighs 7lbs total and is super cheesy.

– Along with the macaroni and cheese, you must finish a 20oz deluxe flavored milkshake.

– The three milkshake options are Smore’s, Birthday Cake, or else Strawberry Shortcake.

– There is a 1 hour time limit to finish everything. Winners get the delicious $55 meal free!!

– Champions also get a sweet t-shirt and their name & photo gets added to Wall of Fame!!

MacCheesy Joplin Deluxe Mac and Cheese Challenge