Challenge Details

– For this challenge you must eat as many of their king size steak sandwiches as you can.

– Each sandwich consists of ribeye beef, mozzarella cheese, and sauce on king size Italian style rolls.

– There is just a one sitting time limit for this challenge.

– The current record as of 4/2/2019 is 5 king size sandwiches.


– Eat 2 sandwiches and get on the Wall of Fame!!

– Eat 3 sandwiches and get a sweet t-shirt plus Wall of Fame!!

– Eat 4 and get a t-shirt, Wall of Fame, and the 4th sandwich free!!

– Eat 5 and get a t-shirt, Wall of Fame, 2 sandwiches free, and a $50 gift card!!

– Contact the restaurant to find out the prize for eating 6 (setting the record)!!

Morrette's King Size Steak Sandwich Challenge