The Pointersaurus is a 28″ two meat or four vegetable topped pizza that weighs over 10 pounds! It is one of the world’s largest delivered pizzas! The Largest, Fastest, and Most Delicious Dinosaur in History!

Challenge Rules and Prizes

– Two people must consumer the ENTIRE pizza in ONE HOUR without leaving the customer area at Pointer’s

– The pizza must have any combination of TWO meat toppings or FOUR vegetable toppings

– ALL crusts and toppings must be swallowed ENTIRELY for the contest to be ruled complete

– Competitors must pay $50 in advance. In the event of winning the contest, the $50 will be refunded along with a check for $500

– A maximum of SIX spectators are allowed in the customer area at any given time, and must stay out of the competition area

– Contestants must call at least ONE DAY in advance for reservations to try the challenge, preferred to be at 3pm any day of the week. Any derivations are at the manager’s discretion.

– Napkins may not be used to absorb pizza juices.

– Promotion and photographs of your success may be used by Pointer’s Delivery

– If you slay the beast, your name will appear on the hall of fame. Winners also receive t-shirts.

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