Challenge Description and Prizes

– Rogers Roundhouse is train-themed and now now hosts this Roundhouse Challenge.

– Plate #1 features a Frog Dog and loaded Frog Fries in honor of TCU which is 1 mile away.

– Plate #2 features a signature Roundhouse Burger with an order of fried pickles.

– Plate #3 features a BYO (build your own) Burger with an order of fully loaded tater tots.

– Just FYI, the 3 pints of beer that I drank with my meal are not part of the base challenge.

– There is a 30 minute time limit to finish everything, including 3 ice cream sandwiches.

– 3 sets of cookies – Oreo cookies, red velvet cookies, and then Snickerdoodle cookies.

– Winners receive the $70 meal free, a sweet T-Shirt or hat, and photo on Wall of Fame!!

Rogers Roundhouse Challenge Fort Worth Texas