– The Stuff is hash browns grilled with cheese, ham, green peppers, and onions and topped with country gravy and served with sour cream and salsa on the side.

– There are different options to choose from when ordering

– Specialty Options: Fajita Stuff, Ham & Cheese Stuff, or Taco Stuff

– Weighs around 7 pounds and is served on a 16″ pizza tray (about 3.5″ high).

– You are allowed to cut it or spread it around before time begins.

– You have 45 minutes to finish everything on the platter


– Free Meal (Only if finished in less than 45 minutes)

– Free T-shirt or hat (even if finished after the 45 minute limit)

– Picture on Wall of Fame (even if finished after the 45 minute limit)

– Note: Available all day and not just during breakfast hours.

Stuffy's Stuff 7lb Challenge

Stuffy's Food Chalenge Menu Description