The single most dangerous thing you can do to sabotage yourself towards the end of a large food challenge is to begin thinking, mentally debating whether you are actually going to finish the challenge or not. Especially if you are approaching maximum capacity and are feeling extremely full, letting your mind wander when you have only a few bites remaining is a terrible idea. Don’t think, and just keep eating!! You may have just five tiny bites left, but a weak mind may lead you to feel like there are still five pounds left, and that you just can’t finish. When you are extremely full, you entire body is going crazy trying to adapt and process all of the food and liquid you have just consumed, and therefore your hormones and mind are more sensitive than they normally are. When you’ve hit “the wall” late in a food challenge and are really struggling to chew and swallow every additional bite, flavor fatigue is at an all time high and you are much more prone to throwing up if your body and mind cannot power through the flavor of the food you have left. To be successful at winning large food challenges, you have to be able to push through this part of your challenge and get the victory. Your Mind Is Your Body’s Strongest Muscle, and your physical body can push through just about any realistic obstacle if your mind is strong and determined enough. You don’t have to have the mental toughness of Rambo, but it does take a serious amount of mental strength to get through really difficult food challenges. Lucky for you though, there is a variety of mind games that you can use during an eating challenge to trick yourself into finishing everything more easily. Use these tricks when possible so that you mentally have an easier time consuming the last few bites of your challenge:

Tricks That Will Help You Finish Your Challenge More Easily

Listen to music near the end that is very motivational – As mentioned in Why Eaters Listen To Music During Competitions, music can be a very powerful source of inspiration and motivation that will help you power through the last few bites of your challenge. If you are focused on feeling the flow and rhythm of the music rather than how full you are, it will be much easier for you mentally to finish those last few bites and get the win. Make sure that you place some really powerful and motivational songs towards the end of your eating challenge playlist so that you get to hear them during that last ten minutes you are struggling to complete the final portion of your challenge meal. Use music to keep your mind from thinking about those last few bites!!

Manually separate larger pieces into tiny bite-sized pieces – When you are really full, it will be much easier on your mind to see many very small pieces rather than a few very large pieces, even though they both equal the same amount. Would you rather lift 600 pounds one time or lift 100 pounds six times? You are still lifting a total of 600 pounds, but lifting 100 pounds six times sounds a whole lot easier doesn’t it? If you have a large piece of steak left, cut it up into many tiny bites so that your mind is able to look at it more simply. If you have a bunch of crust pieces left from your pizza challenge, break the large pieces into many bite-sized pieces. Your mind will have an easier time dealing with twenty tiny pieces rather than five really large pieces. Along the same lines, it is easier on your mind to count down rather than count up. Let’s say you start this exercise with twenty small bites on your plate. Count down to yourself as you finish each bite. If the pieces are small enough, you may even be able to knock two or three out in one actual mouthful. Your mind needs to see progress and results, and it sounds much better to quickly count down from twenty than it would be to very slowly count down from five.

Spread out all of the tiny pieces around your plate – The tip directly above dealt with your mind being able to visually deal with the size and quantity of the pieces remaining. Finishing those 20 small bites sounds easier than 5 really large bites. While that is one way to make it seem easier, it also helps your mind to visually see the area of food decrease as you continue finishing bites and pieces. Take all of those small pieces and spread them out all over your plate or tray. At first, it will seem like there is a lot of food, but that food will decrease quickly as you continue eating the small bites. For example, let’s say that you have twenty onion rings left to finish. Spread all twenty out, and that will take up a lot of space. Take two or three of those onion rings away though, and your mind can visually see that you are really making significant progress quickly. Keep taking pieces away from different parts of the tray, and every now and then just consolidate all the pieces down into a smaller area. Then you can visually see that there is only a small amount left!! Combine this tip with the tip above, and you will really have a much easier time finishing your last few bites. Keep showing your mind significant results!!

During a pizza challenge, organize your tiny crust pieces into a circle – This tip goes along with the one directly above, but if you are attempting a large pizza challenge that has a thick exterior crust, keep the crust organized in the circular shape of the original pizza. If you followed proper pizza eating strategy, you ate all of the interior parts first while the cheese and toppings were warm and moist, and you did not allow the cheese to cool and harden. You saved all of the exterior crust pieces for last, so now if they are not already, place them around the exterior of your pizza tray. Manually break down the large pizza crusts into smaller pieces, and then continually keep eating the small crust pieces. After many of them are gone, organize the pieces back into a smaller circle. Keep showing your mind progress and results until all of the pizza is gone!! I’ve used this method many times!!

Eat the largest bites and pieces first so that the easiest ones are last – We recommend in our How To Win A Wing Eating Challenge strategy article that you eat the largest and meatiest wings first so that they continue to get smaller as you continue eating, saving the easiest ones for the end when you are starting to get full. This same concept works for all other applicable items too such as french fries. If you finished your four pound burger and are now working on the final pound of fries, eat the largest fries first and save the tiny ones for the end. If you are really full, you may want to break up the pile of fries into very small bite-sized piles of fries so that you know how many bites of fries you have remaining. Continue eating the larger fries first so that the bites continually get smaller and easier to swallow quickly. This method will really help you get those final bites down so that you can get the victory. This works for steak fries, nacho chips, onion rings, and all other variable finger foods too.

Swallow your food as quickly as possible – When you are really full and suffering from intense flavor fatigue, you will not be enjoying any of the last few bites. You are eating to win, rather than for enjoyment. If your taste buds don’t like the flavor of something, you don’t want that particular food sitting in your mouth for a long time. You may eventually gag, and that gag may trigger a disqualifying reversal of fortune. You obviously want to completely avoid that!! It is great to stuff your mouth with food in the beginning when you are fresh and feeling strong, but you don’t want to fill your mouth at the end when you are tired of the flavor. Take one or two small bites, and then wash the food down quickly with liquid. Try not to even allow your mouth enough time to register the flavor of the food. If you need to take a few seconds rest between bites, do that, as long as you have the time available. That is why we recommend that you Start Eating Fast And Then Coast To Victory. At the end of my big challenges, I use cold soda to help wash down the last few bites because the acidity helps to overpower the dull tasting food. If you were smart, you did not drink much liquid at all during the first half of your challenge. Now at the very end, use your choice of liquid to wash down the last few bites so that you can get the victory!!

If there is a ton of fries, eat some throughout the challenge – There are some restaurants that feel the need to add a massive pile of french fries to their burger or other entree just to make the challenge more difficult. There are some challenges where the weight of fries is actually more than the weight of the burger. In situations like this, it is not smart to just leave all of the fries until the very end. After a few minutes of eating the main entree of the challenge, start incorporating a few fries every now and then. Pick away at the pile little by little so that you don’t have just one massive pile of fries left after finishing the main course. Your mind will be very happy that you did, especially if the fries are not even that tasty. A large pile of cold fries would be very depressing.

Go to a “happy place” – The main reason that I added this point is so that I could quote the movie Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler, but this theory also applies to helping you finish really difficult food challenges. If your music is not helping you keep your mind off how full and in pain you are, try thinking about something positive, such as how awesome it will be to never have to try the challenge again because you just defeated it!! Don’t think about how much it will suck to have to attempt the same challenge again at a later date because you just failed the first time. Think about something “happy” and let that thought carry you to victory. Visualize all of the people in the room congratulating you after your big victory, or visualize the delicious bowl of ice cream that you are going to get for dessert to help settle your stomach. Do whatever you have to do to keep your mind from breaking down, giving up, and throwing in the white towel. Failing with just two or three bites left is a terrible feeling that you don’t want to experience. Therefore, use this tip and all of the tips above to help you keep your mind focused and confident so that you can achieve victory!! Winning is definitely way more fun than losing!!

Thanks for reading how to use mind games to trick yourself to victory & using!!

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