You may actually post your challenge advertisement online before you actually print any copies of it, but the people following you via social media are NOT your number 1 priority since some of the people following you don’t even live near your restaurant. They may even be thousands of miles away. The people most likely to want to take your specific challenge is the people that are already visiting your restaurant. If people don’t know about the challenge, they obviously aren’t going to be attempting it. Therefore, you need to make sure that everybody that passes by your restaurant or walks in the door knows that you have a food challenge. You do this by advertising the challenge all over your restaurant and exterior. Here is a variety of ways to make this happen:

On your restaurant front window – Since you are just beginning the challenge, you obviously won’t be making a big sign proclaiming that you are the “Home Of The (challenge name)” to hang outside any time soon. You can however put an advertisement on exterior windows though so that cars driving by can see you have a challenge. Also, people will see the advertisement and know that you have a challenge even before walking inside. Writing in big letters “Come try our (challenge name)” is simple and all you really need. Don’t make it look too busy.

Advertise in the restaurant lobby and entryway – Post your challenge advertisement in the front lobby and entryway of your restaurant so that diners can see your challenge as soon as they walk in. You can post the designed advertisement on the door or on the wall so that people can read the details, especially if your restaurant sometimes is crowded enough that people have to wait to sit down. While waiting, your potential challengers can find out more information about your challenge by looking at the advertisement. Another idea is to post a simple “Ask your server about our (challenge name)” on the board that you post your specials on. This can be beneficial too, especially if your challenge is smaller and doesn’t require people to train extra hard.

In the restroom area – The restroom area receives the highest amount of traffic in your restaurant, so you should advertise your challenge for all of these customers to see either on the way to the bathroom or in the bathroom. It is becoming popular these days for companies to post advertisements at standing eye level for guys while they are in the bathroom, and I’m sure there are a few advertisements in the women’s restrooms too. Post your attractive challenge advertisement for these people to see, especially the guys who are much more likely to take the challenge. Even if the customer is already eating when he or she gets to the restroom, it might get him or her thinking about coming back for the challenge later, and maybe even with friends for extra support.

Post A Wall Of Fame – There is a countless amount of reasons why you should have a Wall of Fame hanging in your restaurant so that customers can see you have a challenge along with all the people that have taken your challenge. It is a fact that people will be more eager to attempt your challenge if there are a ton of people on your Wall of Fame/Shame poster, even if most of those people have lost. People want to be part of all the excitement so that they can experience the fun and see themselves up on the board too. Post your Wall Of Fame where people can check it out without bothering other customers. Along with the photos and names of the people that have attempted, post your challenge advertisement and feel free to post your “house rules” too. Having a Wall Of Fame shows that you as a restaurant are excited about your challenge and that it is a big deal. People won’t care about your challenge if you don’t care either, so make sure people know it does matter.

Advertise on the menus or tables – This is the most important place to advertise your challenge because your menu is where people look to find out what they want to order. You may not want to completely redo your menus just to add your challenge, but at least make sure you have a big advertisement somewhere else on the table so that people know about it when ordering. Then you can add the challenge the next time you print new menus. A person may know for 2 days what he or she is going to order as soon as he or she gets there, but then they might see a completely delicious looking picture of your challenge item and think “I could do that.” This can’t happen if the advertisement isn’t available. Even if nobody at the table wants to order it, it still may give the table something to talk about and maybe even share via social media while waiting for their food they ordered.

The more your challenge is advertised, the more people will see it and think about it. Focus on making the challenge a big deal in your own restaurant before making it a big deal anywhere else. Your marketing power and efforts will be much stronger and you will reach more people with a higher success rate. That excitement will spread out and the number of challenge attempts will continue to grow. You will definitely need to promote the challenge to other people than just the customers already coming to your restaurant though, and the internet is a great place to start. For tips on how to promote your challenge using the internet and social media, click here. Use these ideas to create a more fun and appealing looking atmosphere in and around your place!!

Thanks for reading why you should advertise throughout your restaurant and using!!

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