Everyone knows that a relationship is not an official relationship until you are “in a relationship” on Facebook. You and your spouse may be coming up on your 25th wedding anniversary, but it’s not a real marriage if it’s not on Facebook too. The same goes for food challenges being featured on this website. If your food challenge is not featured and posted on FoodChallenges.com, then you don’t have a real food challenge, so you need to Submit Your Challenge if the challenge is not on here already. People all over the world will be able to find your food challenge and also find out everything they need to know about it, all on one easy to find global website.

To maximize the benefits that you will receive by being featured on our site, always keep us up to date regarding your challenge and restaurant. If your challenge changes, if your restaurant changes location, or if you add another challenge, you need to let us know so that we can keep our records up to date for all of the eaters to access via both map and list searches. Also, if you decide to end your challenge, please contact us so that we can delete your challenge so that nobody contacts you about attempting it. There are over 3,000 restaurant challenges all around the world and there is only one FoodChallenges.com, so we are not able to keep tabs on every food challenge all the time at every moment. We depend heavily on our community to keep us up-to-date.

The best thing you can do to get people to try your own challenge is to promote FoodChallenges.com along with all of the challenges around you. People will be more willing to try your challenge if they know HOW and WHERE. As you read in Man v Food’s Effect On The Restaurant World, people were inspired by watching Man v Food to want to try food challenges, but they were never really taught HOW to actually prepare for them, or the strategy required to actually win the challenges. Before this website, there has never been any place to go for people to find out how to train and strategize for winning food challenges. If somebody doesn’t know what they are doing or how to do something, that person is much less likely to want to do it because that person completely lacks confidence. FoodChallenges.com has almost every answer that person could want to know in order to successfully train for and complete any type of food challenge. Many people want to try a challenge, but they are very hesitant because they don’t know how or where to go. Direct the people around you to our site so that they can learn HOW, and also learn WHERE they need to go to find the challenges. Your challenge may not end up being the first one on the list, but it is now on the list of future challenges and that is what you really want!!

Work with other restaurants to get as many people excited about food challenges as possible, and then everyone will learn the HOW and WHERE that they have been waiting to find out which will make them more comfortable and willing to attempt the local food challenges. Even big cities in the United States really don’t have that many food challenges, so the people in your community will only have so many places to choose from no matter where you are located. People all over the city and community will now know about your restaurant because they found it while searching for their HOW and WHERE on FoodChallenges.com. People that follow other restaurants will be able to learn about your restaurant, and people that just follow your restaurant will be able to find out about the other restaurants. People will also tell their friends and then even more people will know about you. That is what #FeedTheMovement is all about, helping the entire “eating” community grow together as one organized and focused group. This will lead to more food challenges, more eaters, more fans, and more opportunities for everyone. Otherwise, our community will continue taking steps back. Feed the movement, or get eaten up!!

Thanks for reading why you should use FoodChallenges.com to promote your challenge!!

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