If you want to get your food challenge off to an incredibly quick start so it can begin to build momentum and start working for you in your marketing campaign, the best thing to do is to host a kick-off food challenge contest. As you learned by reading Defining An Eating Challenge Contest, a food challenge contest is the combination of both a food challenge and an eating contest where 2 or more individuals or teams compete to see who can finish a specific quantity of food (food and/or drink) first. In this case, the specific quantity of food would be your food challenge. You can find out all about hosting the actual event by reading all of the articles featured in the Hosting A Contest section. There are over 27 different articles to help you. For the purpose of this article though, here are all the marketing benefits that you will receive by hosting the kick-off eating event:

More people means more exposure – Hosting an event like this requires the help of many different people in addition to the multiple contestants that you need to find for the actual competition. More people involved typically means that there will be a larger amount of exposure meaning that the news of your food challenge will reach a larger amount of potential customers. That is the main goal of the event in the first place!!

Competitions are even more newsworthy – Eating contests typically happen only once per year while food challenges are available all year round. Therefore, eating contests have a much higher chance of making the news since there is only 1 opportunity to cover the event. While covering your contest, the news will also be mentioning your new food challenge, so you are killing to birds with one stone by hosting the competition.

Contests are more “share-able” – Contests are more newsworthy than everyday challenges, and they are also more “share-able” via social media too. Especially if you have a good prize package for winners, people will want to share your event and contact their friends who they think might be interested, so that they know about it too. Another thing is that some people will want to enter the event, but they don’t want to enter it alone, so they will share your competition hoping that somebody will want to enter the event with them, reaching more people.

It’s an opportunity to create an advertisement video – It is critical that you make a video to help advertise your challenge online, and filming the kick-off challenge contest is a perfect opportunity to make that video since it will be a lot more fun and exciting to watch than if just one person is explaining and/or attempting the eating challenge. Your online followers will enjoy it too. You will have people excited before the challenge, and you will also have people excited after the challenge if you post a video showing the results. The video creates a permanent record of the event, and it will be available for people to watch years after the challenge began.

You are able to establish the challenge record – Pending that somebody beats your challenge during the kick-off event, you will have established the current record for your challenge. Even if the record really doesn’t matter for your kind of challenge, using the record in your marketing is a fun way to promote it because it sparks competition since somebody is surely going to want to beat the record just for their own self-joy and pride.

As you can see, hosting an eating challenge contest can do wonders for your new food challenge and can allow you to reach many more people to let them know about it. It not only advertises your challenge, but also the restaurant in general since many of the people hearing about your competition may not have ever heard of your restaurant in the first place. To find out how to host the actual event, please check out the Hosting A Contest section. Following the articles in that section while planning your event will better ensure that your entire community will hear about your challenge and know that it is available and ready for them to attempt it. A kick-off food challenge contest can do wonders for your restaurant’s marketing and you should definitely consider hosting one. The more people that know about your food challenge, the more successful it can become.

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