While marketing is the main purpose for restaurants, the main purpose of attempting food challenges for customers is to have FUN!! If your challenge is a lot of fun and continues to stay fun, then people will keep attempting it. If your challenge is boring and you don’t really ever put any effort into making it fun, then people will not attempt it. The success of your challenge depends on how fun you make it, and it really is that simple. Here are some things you should do and ways to make sure you keep the challenge more fun for everyone:

Keep the price reasonable – A challenge is not fun if the person is worried about having to pay a lot for the challenge if he or she loses. It’s understood that a challenge will cost a little more than a regular meal, but it’s pretty easy to tell when a meal really isn’t worth the price tag. Make sure to price the challenge so that it is still a pretty good value even if the person does lose, and people will have much more fun taking the challenge.

Keep your social media followers updated – Your social media followers will enjoy seeing pictures of challengers and then also finding out the results afterwards. Make sure to post about the challenge every week so that there is never a long period of time where the challenge is basically forgotten about. Even if you haven’t had a food challenger in 2 weeks, keep posting about the challenge so that it never seems like it to your online followers. Make your posts interactive too so that your followers can comment and respond. For example, post a photo of a challenger before he or she begins and ask “Do you think our challenger will win?” If you have a larger number of followers, you will get a good number of short and simple responses. Keep the buzz going about your eating challenge and people will keep coming in to try it. People want to join in on the fun, & more will keep coming!!

Make your restaurant’s Wall Of Fame a BIG deal – To get more challenge attempts, you need to make it seem like being on your Wall Of Fame is actually a BIG and exciting deal. If your Wall Of Fame is way in the back so that nobody really even sees it, their is no honor is that. On the other hand, if people walk into your restaurant and one of the first things they see is a massive board full of photos and names, they are going to wonder what all of those people did to get on the board. More than likely, they will be so intrigued that they will take the time to find out what the board is all about. If everyone walks into your restaurant and has this same experience, some of those people are going to want to get their photo up on the wall too. The frequency of attempts will increase too as the number of names and photos increase. Make being on the Wall Of Fame like an elite group that everyone needs to try to join, and that others are missing out. You will get a lot more challenge attempts.

These three points are the main things that really make a food challenge fun and exciting because they spark excitement all around your restaurant and social media. If you keep the buzz about your challenge going and never let it slow down, then your restaurant will see a world of difference in the daily atmosphere and online. Keep these three points in mind along with all of the other points made throughout this Marketing A Challenge section, and your challenge will definitely be successful which will do wonders for your restaurant in general.

Thanks for reading about marketing a food challenge and why you must keep it fun for everyone!!

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