There are many things that you should do on your own as the restaurant owner without asking for a lot of customer feedback, but then there are some situations where you should ask your customers what they think. Your customers are the people that come to your restaurant and buy your product which allows you to put food on your own family’s table. If your food challenge follows pretty closely along the guidelines and standards found throughout this Promoters section, and you don’t really think it violates any of The Main Reasons Food Challenges Fail, and you just are not happy with the number of attempts it is getting, then ask your customers what you can improve about the challenge to get them to want to attempt it. Is there something that needs to be changed or would a totally different kind or type of challenge be more attractive to them? You can ask via social media or you can just ask your customers what they think while at the restaurant. Just know that if you ask a question, people will probably answer it, so be ready to listen to and consider the feedback that you receive.

If your challenge is not getting the attention you were expecting or the number of attempts you were hoping for, and you are still pushing and advertising the challenge each and every week, then chances are you are probably getting a few complaints about the challenge which may explain why your challenge is not taking off. 100 people complaining may be wrong if there is 100,000 people saying everything is great, but if more people are complaining about your challenge than attempting it, you definitely have a problem that you need to direct your attention to. Find out what the complaints are and then decide the best way to solve the issues. You may just need to reduce the cost a few dollars, increase the prize value, or raise the time limit. On the other hand, you may just need to start over altogether with a new type or kind of challenge. There definitely are times when it is just best to start over, and that is no big deal. It’s only a big deal if you continue to promote and market a food challenge that is not working. You are not only wasting your time, but you are also showing that you are ignoring customer complaints so people will just stop supporting your restaurant. If you don’t care, they won’t either.

Even if your challenge is successful and getting a lot of people attempting it, you should still ask challengers afterwards what they thought about the challenge and what you can do to improve. Nothing is ever perfect, and everything can be improved. Is one of the ingredients too salty? Were the fries overcooked? Take the customer feedback into consideration and then make necessary changes. Show that you appreciate your customers by trying to make them happy, and they will continue to support you. If a customer asks for a different kind or type of food challenge, and then you do it, that person is more than likely going to attempt the challenge and then promote the challenge to his or her friends in return for you making the changes. If you keep your customers happy, they will happily continue supporting your restaurant. Put in the effort to seek feedback from customers if you are wanting your challenge to achieve better results.  If you ask, they might just give your the answers you are seeking. Then you will know how to make your challenge more successful & get many more attempts.

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