Creating a challenge advertisement image is the most important step in your marketing campaign, but creating a video to advertise your challenge is a close second. Even though videos are very important, few restaurants actually consider creating one, and therefore not many restaurants have them. An advertisement video basically needs to answer all of the questions that your advertisement image does, but in video form. If you need to, please go back and read Create An Advertisement To Display to see what answers need to be included on the video. There are 2 main ways to create a video, and there are even a few restaurants that create both types. The first type of video is short (under 2 minutes) which answers all of the basic questions about the challenge. Some restaurants just use a collage of pictures while a voice explains all of the details. Other restaurants actually film someone standing with the challenge and explaining all of the details. Then other restaurants film someone actually putting the challenge together while explaining everything. All 3 ways accomplish the same goal which is to let the viewer listen to the details while also watching visually, so pick which option works best for you.

The other type of video that restaurants make is where the challenge is explained just like in the first type, but then a person or group of people actually attempt the challenge so that everyone can actually watch and see what it’s like to take the challenge. A picture of the challenge is one thing, but it can very hard to actually gauge the real size of it until you see it in person or you see it on a video and are able to compare it to the things and people around it. A burger may look huge in a photo with a person that weighs only 100lbs (45.5kg), but it may look very small in front of a bigger person that weighs 400lbs (182kg). It may then look completely different when watching an actual video of a person attempting the challenge. The most important thing about the video though is that people can watch the person attempt the challenge, see the results and how far the person got, and then decide whether or not they think they can beat the challenge. If you were smart and had a big eater attempt the challenge for your video, he or she either won or got within a few bites, and now more testosterone-filled men will think they can beat the challenge, unlike the “sissy” in the advertisement video.

Here are the 2 main reasons that you should make an advertisement video:

People prefer watching over reading – It is very valuable for people to be able to watch a 90 second video and have all of their questions answered, and it makes your restaurant look very professional. If the video is even remotely entertaining, then people will remember it even more. Videos get people thinking and excited too. Sometimes I watch a video made of the challenge right before leaving for the restaurant. It gets me thinking about what my strategy is going to be among many other things. People would much rather watch a short video than have to spend a few minutes reading all of the details themselves. Also, people are much more inclined to ‘share’ videos online too. A video will reach more potential customers and get more people interested.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Today’s world is continually shifting more and more online, and you don’t want to be the last person to the party. Search engine optimization refers to the process of affecting the visibility of a website, web page, or video in a search engine’s un-paid (organic) search results. Basically, if a random person is searching for restaurants in your area, you want to be at the top of the list that shows up as possibilities since the restaurants at the top usually have the highest chances of being selected. The better your SEO, the more chances you have of showing up on the search lists. Restaurants and companies are so concerned with getting their website to the top of the Google search lists that they forget about how very important videos are (YouTube is owned by Google). Because quality videos can be tough and time consuming to create, most companies put creating a video as a very low priority, and therefore you need to capitalize on that!! If somebody searches for food challenges in your area (and sometimes even restaurants), then you want your challenge at the top of the list, and you will show up very quickly if you have an advertisement video along with the image.

Just like having a graphic artist design your challenge advertisement image, it may be smart to have a pro videographer or video production specialist create the video for you. No matter how easy advertisements say they can be, creating a high quality video is not easy. Also remember that you get what you pay for, and if you hire a very cheap videographer, you will most likely receive a very cheap looking video. Make sure that the person you choose to create the video is using a high-definition camcorder since the higher definition picture will make your food look even better to your potential customers watching the video. As you can see, a well done video can do wonders for both your challenge and restaurant by reaching A LOT more people. A video will also show that you really do care about your food challenge, and therefore more people will want to attempt it.

Thanks for reading about the importance of making a video advertising your food challenges!!

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