Everyone can agree that the television show Man v Food starring Adam Richman sparked a large boost in interest for the world of food challenges and competitive eating. Before Man v Food: Season 1 aired on December 3, 2008, there were very few restaurant eating challenges available, and most of them were only available in the United States. If you haven’t already, please read A Brief History Of Food Challenges for more information about the history of food challenges around the world. Soon after the show became popular, more and more food challenges began popping up. Restaurants were wanting to join in on the fun new trend, and all restaurant owners were hoping that their restaurant and food challenge might get featured on an upcoming episode of Man v Food too. As stated in Man v Food Completely Ended In Early 2012, the last episode of Man v Food Nation aired on April 11, 2012. The show ended, but the popularity of food challenges continued to grow, especially in England and Australia which were still airing unseen episodes in those particular countries. In the United States, the Travel Channel still continues to air reruns of the very successful show, and won’t be stopping any time soon.

The show inspired millions of people to want to try food challenges, especially challenges that were featured on the show. Upon airing on an episode of Man v Food, those particular featured restaurants immediately felt the effects and received a large burst in customers, both local and travelers. Some fans would drive hours just to eat at a restaurant featured on the show. Restaurants featured on the show still feel the effects to this day, and most Man v Food featured challenges have been attempted hundreds of times since their particular episode premiered. Restaurants to this day are still creating challenges, hoping to be featured on the cancelled show!!

While inspiring people to attempt food challenges and inspiring restaurants to create food challenges, the show never really showed HOW to do either. Man v Food Nation, the final season, gave out a few tips regarding how to beat the food challenges, but they were very basic, and the eaters chosen for the show rarely ever beat the challenges, so the tips were more for show and didn’t really help anyone. Before FoodChallenges.com, there was no website or place to go for people to learn stomach capacity training tips, food challenge tips, and eating strategies so that they could be better prepared to win the food challenges. Also, there was no website, place to go, or company to hire for restaurants wanting to learn how to create and market a successful food challenge.

During and after Man v Food, people were attempting food challenges without knowing how, and restaurants were creating food challenges without knowing how, which has lead to many restaurant food challenges failing, and many people quitting after trying just one challenge. The challenges featured on the show were not on there because the restaurants paid money for the advertising. The challenges were selected by the show producers because they were unique and different. Over 60% of food challenges today are burger challenges. Some of them are great challenges and are unique in their own way, but many are the result of a restaurant wanting to host a food challenge but not knowing how. You cannot just throw a large burger patty on a bun with cheese and bacon, add fries and a milkshake, and then expect people to bust down your door trying to attempt your eating challenge. It takes a lot of thought, time, and effort to create a successful food challenge, just like it takes a lot of training and effort for a person to beat a food challenge. Hopefully with the help of FoodChallenges.com, the world of food challenges is going to grow even more with a much higher success rate because both restaurant owners & eaters will have a better understanding of HOW, and we can all work together to #feedthemovement.

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