You can find top 10 lists, top 25 lists, top 100 lists, and many other kinds of lists around the world created by news media outlets and different websites that rank all kinds of different restaurant foods such as massive burgers, BBQ ribs, tacos, outrageous pasta dishes, towering sandwiches, and many other foods. When is the last time that you saw the headline “Top 25 Salads” online or while waiting to check out at the grocery store? Your answer is probably NEVER. If you did see a list involving salads, the list was probably ranking all of the most ridiculously unhealthy salads and taco salads, which aren’t exactly salads. The fact is that nobody is going to travel 100 miles to try your house salad, and nobody is going to tell all their friends about how good your side salad was. People love to see outrageous things like 6,000 calorie breakfasts, 6lb burritos, and 12-patty burgers loaded with cheese and bacon served with grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns. If you want to get known for something and be featured in any kind of list worth sharing, it has to be both outrageous and very unique.

Create a food challenge so crazy and different that it can only be found at your restaurant, and you will most definitely be happy that you did. You may even have to experiment a few different times with new ideas to come up with the final product, but make sure you create something that will make a person want to lick the screen when they see it posted on Facebook. If you are going to put that much thought into creating the challenge, don’t just take a picture with your camera phone and upload it. Find somebody with a high definition camera, or even hire a professional photographer to take a proper picture with proper lighting. If you do it big and do it right, people will share that advertisement photo like crazy. Because you were smart and posted your restaurant name and city on the photo, anybody that sees it will know the only place to get it. People will soon be in to try your challenge, especially if it is priced right with a proper time limit and prize, just like any other challenge.

If you take a few minutes and look back at the food challenges that were featured on Man v Food, or any other television show for that matter, there were certain unique characteristics about each of the challenges chosen. Every challenge was outrageous and was the only one of its kind within hundreds of miles. Nobody celebrates “normal” and nobody loves “average” so don’t be like everyone else. It may take a few thousand calories of food with a few hundred grams of fat to create your crazy challenge, but remember that the same people aren’t going to be trying it each and every week. For an item like this, it should definitely be offered as a menu item that groups can share too, rather than being only offered as a challenge. Doing this will create even more exposure, especially if you go a step further and take pictures of the groups that order it and put the pictures up on the Wall of Fame along with the customers that attempted it as a challenge. The main purpose of the challenge is for marketing your restaurant, reaching people that you would not have otherwise if you didn’t have the food challenge. If you are going to do it, go all out, and make it the best!! You will be very happy that you did.

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