When a person is searching around on the internet looking for new and interesting places to eat that he/she hasn’t ever been to before, there are many different restaurants to choose from. There are even hundreds of options to choose from in really big cities. Sometimes a person may see something exciting while browsing menus and restaurant reviews that just stands out and makes the person decide, “I want to go there.” In order for your smaller restaurant to survive in a city full of other competing restaurants, you have to have something special that separates you from your competition, making people want to check out your atmosphere and menu. If you are a burger restaurant, you are definitely not the only burger restaurant. If you are a Mexican restaurant, you are definitely not the only Mexican restaurant. Even if you are a doughnut shop, chances are that you are not the only doughnut shop around. What makes your restaurant different from all of the other similar ones?

A food challenge may just be that something special that separates you from all of your competitors. If a person who likes bigger portions knows that you have a food challenge at your restaurant, that person may want to check out your restaurant simply because food challenges are typically associated with restaurants that generally serve bigger portioned menu items. That person didn’t even want to try your food challenge, but because you have one he or she wanted to come and try your food. A person browsing the internet may see a picture of your food challenge and think it looks really good. That person may come try out your menu because he or she thought the challenge item looked good, and therefore concluded that the rest of your menu must taste pretty good. Those are two examples of how having and advertising a food challenge attracted people that didn’t even want to order the actual item that attracted them to your restaurant in the first place. Follow that?

If you are still debating whether or not to host a food challenge, spend a few minutes checking out your city on our Map Search. How many food challenges are there around your restaurant? How many of those challenges around you are similar to the type of challenge you had in mind? If there are not many challenges around you, or there are no challenges around you similar to the one that you had in mind for your restaurant, let me answer the question for you. YES YOU SHOULD HOST A FOOD CHALLENGE!!! Separate yourself from the rest of your local competition. Be bold and tell your competitors that your restaurant is better than theirs, without even having to actually say anything at all. People will visit your restaurant if you have an exciting challenge. Some of those people will want to order your challenge, and other people will just want to check out the rest of the menu because your restaurant looked delicious and different. All these people would not have come if you had decided to be boring and never created a challenge. Dare to be different, and you will most definitely like the results!!

Thanks for reading about how food challenges will help you separate yourself from your competition!!

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