You have basically already established the size of your challenge through selecting which kind of challenge you will host, and you established the main components of the challenge by selecting the type of challenge you will be hosting. Now it is time to set the specifics of the challenge regarding what you will serve. To start, let me recap the 10 different kinds of food challenges and their basic size parameters (limitations):

Very large quantity challenge – A 4 star challenge weighs between 6.25-8lbs (2.75-3.5kg). A 5 star challenge is anything greater than 8lbs (3.5kg) for an individual to eat alone. (Note: If you want this size of a challenge to succeed, you will need a prize worth more than a free meal with a long time limit)

Large quantity challenge – A 3 star challenge weighs between 5-6.25lbs (2.25-2.75kg)

Medium quantity challenge – A 2 star challenge weighs between 3.5-5lbs (1.5-2.25kg)

Small quantity challenge – A 1 star challenge is anything less than 3.5lbs (1.5kg)

Quantity record challenge – The quantity starts small and builds as people keep winning.

Speed record challenge – This can be any size, but there won’t be much “speed” involved with 3 star challenges and larger. Restaurants typically start the time limit at 1 hour and let the record decrease as people keep winning. Remember the larger the challenge, the less people you will have trying it.

Speed challenge – Speed challenges have a maximum time of 15 minutes so they are typically 5lbs (2.25kg) or less. 1 or 2 star challenges are definitely recommended. A 3 star challenge might succeed only if the challenge is a 5lb burrito or another food that is easier to eat faster. Even then, the chances are slim.

Small spicy challenge – These challenges would be classified as 1 star challenges, but most small challenges weigh less than 2.2lbs (1kg). Over 75% of spicy challenges weigh 1lb (.5kg) or less.

Medium spicy challenge – These challenges would be classified as 2 star challenges, but a medium spicy challenge would be any spicy challenge weighing more than 3lbs (1.36kg). Again, they are very rare.

Team challenge – Team challenges almost all weigh over 8lbs (3.5kg) which would be considered 5 stars if they were an individual challenge. Any team challenge less than 8lbs needs to have a shorter time limit.

Now that you know the size parameters that your challenge will be around, it’s time to establish all of the components of the challenge. You already know the type of challenge that you will be having, so get creative and create a meal that really shows off your menu and restaurant. Many challenges include side dishes, which is great, but remember that the side items all factor into the total challenge weight too. Also remember that they are SIDE ITEMS and the sides should not weigh more than the main course. A 2lb burger with 4lbs of fries really isn’t a burger challenge. Make sure the side items accent your menu too, and don’t just throw 2lbs fries in as a “filler” just to add weight and more difficulty. No customer wants to eat 4lbs of delicious burger and then have to choke down 2lbs of bland and boring french fries. Make sure to keep the sides in line with the main course too. It is silly to have french fries as the side item for a burrito challenge, rather than nachos.

I could go on and on about different food challenge ideas, but rather than listen to me, do yourself a really helpful favor and spend some time checking out the currently existing challenges that restaurants around the world have already created. You should definitely be able to get a few good ideas that you can use by looking at challenges that are the same type as the one you will have. You may want a burger challenge but there are hundreds of ways to set up a burger challenge. The same goes for burritos, hot dogs, breakfasts, desserts, and just about every other challenge type. Check out the different search options located under “Challenges” on the top menu. Browse around and look at other challenges until you get a basic idea of the challenge you will have in your restaurant along with the sizes of the components and sides that will make up the challenge.

For those restaurants that have chosen to host a very large quantity challenge weighing over 6.5lbs (3kg), and especially a 5 star challenge weighing over 8lbs (3.5kg), please make sure you have read Why You Should Not Make The Challenge “Unbeatable” just so that you are fully aware of what you are getting yourself into.

Once you have selected your food challenge’s size and components, please go to step 4.

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