Some restaurants are using special deals and discounts to sell and promote their food challenge(s), which can be a very smart idea to help you get more people to attempt your own challenge(s). If you really want to get people excited about your challenge and even more willing to try it, here are a few ideas that you can use to discount your challenge while increasing the benefits that you receive from having the food challenge:

50% off on birthdays – There are many people in your community that want to do your challenge, but they are too nervous to try it and they are just waiting for a reason that pushes them over the edge and provokes them to finally sign up to take the challenge. It is a psychological fact that people typically act much looser and more free-spirited while on vacation and when celebrating certain events and accomplishments, and this definitely applies to birthdays. People want to feel special on their birthday, and what better way to feel special is there than to get a group of family and friends together to celebrate the person’s birthday while he or she attempts a food challenge? He or she becomes the main event, and everyone is able to celebrate together if the person wins, or all laugh together if the person fails. To get more people to celebrate their birthday at your restaurant, offer your food challenge 50% off on birthdays or at least within a few days of it. Not many people are going to come in alone to celebrate their birthday, and almost everyone will have a group with them. By taking the 50% hit on the price of the challenge, you will be getting a table full of people eating, drinking, and having fun spending money while watching their friend take your food challenge. You are on the better end of the deal!!

Have a special discounted challenge night – Some restaurants have special challenge nights where they offer their challenge meal at a cheaper rate than all other nights of the week, typically on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays when the restaurant is not as busy. People wanting to take the challenge usually all come up on these nights just because it is cheaper if they do end up failing the challenge. The restaurant is usually prepared for multiple challenges to occur so there are less actual costs associated with hosting the food challenges, making it easier to offer the discounted challenge. Also, people that have been wanting to watch a challenge know to come up and eat on these particular nights. Often times, people will assemble a small group of friends to all go up and take the challenge together too. These discounted challenge nights can sometimes end up creating a very fun and competitive atmosphere in the restaurant for everyone involved. If you have a particular night at your restaurant each week that just is not as busy as the others, try discounting your challenge on these nights and see what happens. You might just fill the restaurant, all because you discounted a few food challenges. Doing this also allows you to promote that particular night via social media which will help too.

Offer the menu item cheaper as a challenge than for groups – Some restaurants use this method to encourage more people to try their challenge. The menu price for a challenge item may be $40 American dollars. They charge $40 for groups wanting to share the massive item, but then they may offer it for $30 to individuals wanting to try the meal as a challenge. This works at some restaurants and it does not work at others. It is up to you to decide whether this option might work for your challenge item or not. You may be better off charging the same price for your challenge whether it’s ordered individually or by groups. You just need to experiment.

These are the 3 main deals and discounts that restaurants typically use to better market their food challenge and get more people to try it. If your challenge is not getting as many attempts as you would like, try using one or more of these sales methods, and see what happens. You may even have other ideas. You just have to keep experimenting with your marketing / promotions to see what works for your restaurant and what does not.

Thanks for reading how to use deals and discounts to sell your challenge and using!!

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