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This article featured the entire schedule for Randy Santel and Mitch Dombrowski’s Southeast USA Winter Tour they followed throughout their trip so that everyone could follow along and know when, where, and what time all their food challenges were. Results got posted after the challenges took place too. From Wednesday, December 26, 2018 through Saturday, January 12, 2019, Randy Santel and “Magic Mitch” Dombrowski traveled around the southeastern quarter of the United States, spanning from Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana all the way to South and North Carolina. The 8-state tour included Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, northern Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Randy did his best to keep everyone updated via his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels as well. Randy is adding YouTube links to this page as the videos continue posting. If a video hasn’t posted yet, it will soon, following in order at a rate of 2 videos per week. This page also hosted the schedule Randy followed during his 8-day trip with his sister Shelley Santel to Hawaii (Oahu & Maui) from Sunday December 16, 2018 to December 23, 2018.

Randy & Mitch’s Southeast USA Winter Tour + Hawaii Schedule!!

Sunday 12/16 – Honolulu, Hawaii – Cheeseburger Restaurant’s Burger Challenge (Waikiki)

Monday 12/17 – Waikiki Beach, Hawaii – Mac 24/7’s Mac Daddy Pancake Challenge

Tuesday 12/18 – Kapolei, Oahu – Just Tacos’ 5lb El Diablo Burrito Challenge

Tuesday 12/18 – Honolulu, Hawaii – Honolulu Burger’s King Kamehameha Challenge (Beretania)

Wednesday 12/19 – Honolulu, Hawaii – Moose’s 12-Egg Omelette Challenge (Waikiki)

Thursday 12/20 – Kahului, Maui – Tante’s Island Cuisine’s Loco Moco Challenge

Friday 12/21 – Lahaina, Maui – Cool Cat Cafe’s 808 Burger Challenge

Saturday 12/22 – DAY OFF – We went to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary!!

Sunday 12/23 – DAY OFF – We drove the Road to Hana and it was awesome!!

Monday 12/24 – Christmas Eve / Randy’s 1/2 Birthday!!


Wednesday 12/26 – Jackson, Tennessee – KC Finn’s undefeated “Big Ass” Burger Challenge

Thursday 12/27 – Selmer, Tennessee – Los Aztecas’ “El Compadre” Burrito Challenge

Thursday 12/27 – Memphis, TN (downtown) – Team Burger Challenge w/ Mitch at Kooky Canuck

Friday 12/28 – Hernando, MS – Velvet Cream’s “Big Dipper” Milkshake Challenge

Friday 12/28 – Pearl, MS – Alumni House Sports Bar’s (Speed) Burrito Challenge

Saturday 12/29 – Shreveport, Louisiana – The Fully Stacked Burger Patty Record Challenge

Sunday 12/30 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana – TJ Ribs BBQ’s Legend Platter Challenge (Acadian)

Monday 12/31 – Huntsville, Alabama – El Olmeca’s Burrito Macho XXL Challenge

Tuesday 1/1 – Glencoe, Alabama – Tre Ragazzi’s Colossal Calzone Challenge (Glencoe)

Wednesday 1/2 – Dalton, Georgia – Love Empanadas’ “Whole Lotta Love” Challenge

Thursday 1/3 – Alpharetta, Georgia – The “Are You Scream’N Nuts?” Dessert Challenge

Friday 1/4 – Atlanta, Georgia – The Nook’s Macho Totcho Challenge

Saturday 1/5 – Atlanta, Georgia – Bone Lick BBQ’s Fat Ass Muff Sandwich Challenge

Sunday 1/6 – Columbus, Georgia – The Cannon Brew Pub’s Burger Challenge

Sunday 1/6 – Crawfordville, Florida – Myra Jean’s Behemoth Cheeseburger Challenge

Monday 1/7 – St. Augustine, Florida – Old City Sub’s “Beast” Sandwich Challenge

Tuesday 1/8 – Edgewater, Florida – Alberto’s 28″ Team Pizza Challenge (2 teams)

RESULT: I got overall win #709 with teammate Wayne by finishing in the new record 16 min & 25 sec!!

Tuesday 1/8 – Ormond Beach, Florida – Gotham City Pizza’s Stromboli Challenge

RESULT: I got overall win #710 and my 2nd of the day by finishing in 12 minutes and 9 seconds!!

Wednesday 1/9 – Metter, Georgia – Papa Buck’s Pigzilla Sandwich Challenge

RESULT: I got overall win #711 and my first of the day by finishing in 14 minutes and 16 seconds!!

Wednesday 1/9 – Charleston, SC – Big Billy’s Belt Buster Burger Challenge

RESULT: I got overall win #712 and my 2nd of the day by finishing in 20 minutes and 40 seconds!!

Thursday 1/10 – Florence, SC – 1720 Burger Bar’s Cobra Commander Challenge

RESULT: I got overall win #713 and my 1st of the day by finishing in 19 minutes and 25 seconds!!

Thursday 1/10 – Calabash, NC – Calabash Creamery’s Kitchen Sink Sundae Challenge

RESULT: I got overall win #714 and my 2nd of the day by finishing in 11 minutes and 36 seconds!!

Friday 1/11 – Wilmington, NC – The 7lb El Papi Grande Burrito Challenge (341 S College Rd)

RESULT: Wayne and I finished at the same time and set the new record 5 minutes and 26 seconds!!

Saturday 1/12 – Fayetteville, NC – The 30″ Brooklynator Team Pizza Challenge (Ramsey)

RESULT: Wayne and I finished in 29 minutes and 18 seconds!! I got final win (of the trip) #716!!

Thank you for checking out Randy & Mitch’s Southeast USA Winter Tour + Hawaii Schedule!!