Greek Gyro Challenge

The purpose of this article is to serve as a general strategy guide with tips and advice that you should follow when attempting to win a Greek gyro challenge. These strategies can also be applied during Turkish Doner kebab eating challenges too since they are fairly similar (there are a few slight differences such as the sauces used can vary). These are typically found at Greek and Mediterranean restaurants (gyros) and they can be also be found at some Turkish restaurants (Doner kebabs) as well. Rotisserie lamb meat is most commonly used but beef and chicken can be incorporated too. There are usually vegetables and sauces included with the meat, all served on a large piece of pita bread or tortilla. Sometimes these challenges include french fries and/or other side items. There are some restaurants which add the fries into or on top of the gyro or kebab, and others just place them off to the side. Most of these challenges involve just one large gyro or kebab, and you won’t really ever find one where you have to eat multiple gyros/kebabs. Many challenges are around five pounds, but you will find a few that are six to eight pounds. Even though there are many different variations you may encounter, the basic strategy you need to have remains similar for every variation. Before we go into the specific strategy details for winning a Greek gyro challenge, please make sure you have read and understand our Basic Strategy For Winning A Food Challenge article. It’s full of 14 different general strategy tips that won’t be included in this article, which you need to understand before attempting a Greek gyro challenge. Please start off by watching our very informative How To Win A Greek Gyro Challenge video so that you can visually see all of our different tips put into practice during an actual Greek gyro or Doner kebab eating challenge. For this video, I attempted The Windy City Gyro Challenge at Windy City Grille in Wyoming, Michigan near Grand Rapids. I had to finish over three pounds of gyro meat and vegetables smothered in delicious Tzatziki sauce on pita bread along with over one pound of fries in less than one hour. Winners get the meal free, a t-shirt, and a photo on their Wall Of Fame.

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