While it’s definitely best to start training multiple days in advance for an eating competition so your body has time to gradually adapt to the changes you are wanting, sometimes things come up suddenly and there is nothing you can do about it. This situation happens to me sometimes, and I know that it happens to other eaters too, where we may find out about an eating competition just a few days before the event. Because most eating contests are not marketed very well, this will more than likely happen to you too, where a friend tells you about a contest just 2 days in advance. You may want a week to train for your competitions, but if you want to compete in this contest you only have 48 hours to get ready. While you don’t have the time to reach your maximum potential, you still have plenty of time to prepare enough to get close. Lucky for you, we have prepared a simple, effective plan and schedule that you can use to train for your eating competition starting 48 hours in advance.

The 48 Hour Stomach Crash Training Plan

Before reading this plan, make sure you have read How To Expand Your Stomach Using Food, How To Expand Your Stomach Using Water, and Expanding Your Stomach Using Food AND Water. Without understanding those 3 articles about how to prepare in a week, you won’t fully understand this article crunching everything down to just 2 days. Also read The 24 Hours Before Your Eating Competition to find out what to do the last 24 hours beforehand if using one of those 3 plans. In all four of those articles, you will find mentioned that you need to do a “max out meal” around 18 to 22 hours before the competition. That is your last meal eating solid foods before the competition so that your body has time to flush out all the food you have eaten so that you are ready to fill it back up to capacity with more food during the event. This meal still applies to the 2 day plan too, so make sure to schedule time for a max out meal between 18 and 22 hours before your eating event so that you can be ready.

For this example schedule, let’s set the date and time of the event to be on a Saturday at 12pm (noon). This is pretty typical because many eating contests are on a Saturday, and many restaurants don’t start really promoting it hard until the Wednesday or Thursday beforehand, trying to get customers to come and watch. Let’s say you get tagged by a friend on the contest’s Facebook event page on Thursday morning, and you start your preparations at noon which is 48 hours in advance. Follow these easy steps to make sure you are ready:

Set the time of your max out meal – You may have 48 hours before the competition, but you don’t have 48 hours to prepare using food. As stated above, the max out meal needs to be 18-22 hours in advance, and is the most important event in your training plan, so establish when you will be doing it. Let’s say you work a full day on Friday and then do your max out meal at 6pm which is 18 hours in advance. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t do it until 7pm or 8pm obviously, but the more time you allow your body to empty itself, the better.

Water, water, & water – All of these tips throughout this website are meant for people 18 and older, and if people are tagging you in a Facebook event page for an eating contest, you are probably already a bigger eater and water drinker regardless of training or not. Therefore, it is okay for me to recommend drinking a lot of water on that Thursday and then Friday too. Start off your preparations on Thursday at 12pm with chugging 1 quart (liter) of water. Then continually work your way up throughout the day, and then repeat the cycle on Friday. Increase by 1 pint (16 fluid ounces) every few hours, depending on how the last “chug” went. If your 1 quart chug went just fine, step up to 1.5 quarts 2-3 hours later. If that goes fine, step up to 2 quarts 2-3 hours later. If the 2 quarts did not go down that easily, try the same amount again 2-3 hours later. More than likely, it will go down easier the 2nd time. Don’t advance too quickly, and let your body adapt gradually. This will allow your stomach muscles to relax more so that they are more accepting of an increased amount of food while you attempt your challenge.

Big Meal #1 Have a regular lunch on Thursday along with an increased amount of water (to start your water training), and then don’t snack so that you can have a big meal on Thursday for dinner. Since your max out meal will be Friday at 6pm, try to schedule a large meal on Thursday at 6pm. You don’t want to completely max out, but you want to make the meal really big. You can have meats like chicken and fish that are more easily digested, but focus a lot on quickly digested and water-filled vegetables and fruits. After your big meal, make sure to chug more water until you feel your stomach stretch. This will help you be ready for Friday’s max out meal. You don’t really want to chug water after this meal because then you will be up all night peeing.

Friday before the max out meal – Because of the big meal and stomach stretch on Thursday, you will find chugging your water (2 quarts max) a little easier on Friday morning. You may want to just have 1 quart when you wake up with a normal breakfast and then 2 quarts two hours later after your body has woken up a little. Chug water throughout the day on Friday (never increase by more than 1 pint) up until 2 or 3 pm so that you can be ready for your max out meal at 6pm. Hopefully people aren’t mad at the increased # of bathroom breaks!!

Max Out Meal (Big Meal #2) – You are not going to eat a lot on Saturday at 12pm if you don’t train by eating a lot too, so go all out, but don’t be stupid and eat so much that you throw up. Like any max out meal, focus mostly on vegetables and fruits that are easier on your digestive system. It is okay to throw in a few meats, carbs, and other foods, but make sure to focus on veggies and a few fruits for flavor. When you get to the point when you can’t eat any more and you are chewing without wanting to swallow, finish off your training with a pint or two of water. After this meal, you are done consuming solid, heavy food until eating competition time on Saturday.

Saturday morning (competition day) – Hopefully you were not out partying until the early morning hours on Friday night and got a good night’s sleep (I know from experience that it is not smart). Since your eating competition is at noon, you may want to get up a little earlier than normal so that your body is awake and ready to eat. Wake up around 6am and then chug some water just to wake your stomach muscles and body up around 7am. If you are a person that cannot function without eating something for breakfast, make sure to have something that is not solid such as a protein shake, meal replacement shake, or yogurt. Have this before you chug your water at 7am. Again, I don’t suggest chugging over 2 quarts (liters) of liquid. If chugging 2 quarts was easy, then it is okay to step up to 3 quarts as long as you do have a protein shake or some yogurt beforehand and mix in some type of liquid with electrolytes such as a sports drink. Once you are done drinking, don’t eat or drink anything other than a few sips of ice water until the timer starts to begin your BIG eating competition.

That is a really good example schedule and training plan to help you train for a last-minute competition. Obviously, you need to design your training plan based on your own schedule and when your event is. I have related training for eating competitions to training for other athletic events in many of these Stomach Capacity Training articles, and the comparison applies here too. Many studies have been done on runners and other athletes to compare “crash training” to training over a longer period of time. All research has shown that it is much more effective to train and prepare hard over a longer period of time than it is to train really hard for a shorter period of time. For maximum results, you need to let your body gradually adapt to changes rather than expecting it to change rapidly in just a few days. As you know, True Stomach Expansion Takes Time, and therefore it is better to train hard for a week than to train really hard for just 48 hours before an eating competition. Contests do come up spur of the moment though, so now you have a very good foundation of information to base your training plan off of so that you can make sure you are ready to dominate and win!!

Before you begin chugging water, make sure you have read The Extreme Dangers Of Water Training.

Thanks for reading our 48 hour stomach crash training plan and using FoodChallenges.com!!

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